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13 minutes of gameplay action-RPG The Surge 2

13 минут геймплея ролевого боевика The Surge 2

The launch of The Surge 2 will be held this month, September 24.

Recently Studio Deck13 Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive has unveiled a teaser trailer for The Surge 2 showing the progress of the character as you destroy more powerful and advanced opponents. It was called literally “You are what you kill” and demonstrated as the player slices through your enemies and then uses their weapons and equipment for the following attacks. Now released the 13-minute video recording of the immediate gameplay.

It already details, you can see how the players have to fight with their rivals to finish as the defeated, remove their equipment and weapons. Also demonstrates the process of configuring and modifying a drone-assistant — an important element of the combat system of The new The Surge 2. Shown jumping on enemies, evading incendiary bombs and attacks, rapid bounces, and more

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The character gradually progresses and challenges all the more difficult goals, including mini-bosses. Shown contractions as one or several clad in exoskeleton people, attacks on the robots using different weapons change the fighting style of the character. After the battle, the player picks up different materials from the battlefield. In the video you can see a variety of environments like natural landscapes and man-made high-tech facilities.

Recall: The Surge 2 the main character wakes up in a few weeks after the crash in an abandoned city jail Jericho. Armored soldiers enforce martial law, the robots get out of control and over the city Manitoba storm is brewing… Will be involved in fierce battles, to dissect the bodies of enemies, take valuable equipment and develop your character with a wide Arsenal of weapons, armor, abilities, implants and drones.

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The launch of The Surge 2 will be held this month, September 24, in versions for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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