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7 symptoms that you can stop your heart

7 симптомов того, что у вас может остановиться сердце

The whole country knows that in the night from the second to the third of February there was a cardiac arrest, a popular Russian rapper Detsela. The young actor died at the age of 35.

It would seem that at such a young age shouldn’t even think about heart or other health problems. However, statistics show that a large percentage of deaths in young and middle age accounts for a sudden cardiac arrest. Let’s see what symptoms may precede this terrible event?

1. The unpleasant appearance and pain in the chest and heart.

It can be a pain, or a burning, tingling sensation — this symptom is one of the most important in the development of heart disease. As soon as you feel something similar, you must immediately consult a doctor.

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2. Abdominal pain and nausea.

Of course, these symptoms occur primarily in cases of poisoning or other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, however, if this is no problem, you should think about the health of your heart.

3. The appearance of pain that radiates to the left arm and under the shoulder blade.

Often these feelings are a major symptom of developing angina. In this case also need to be checked by specialists.

4. Frequent attacks of dizziness.

Of course, your head might whirl and due to lack of sleep or a strict diet. However, if there are no obvious reasons for the occurrence of dizziness, we strongly recommend to visit a cardiologist.

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5. Causeless cough.

Cough for no reason always about the heart disease. This means that your “engine” can’t handle pumping of blood, which she begins to enter the lungs, leading to coughing.

6. Lower limbs permanently swollen.

If the body of a man impaired blood flow , this leads to violation of the outflow of lymph, which the body starts to accumulate excess fluid. The legs react to the deviation of the first.

7. Sudden pain in the teeth or jaw.

Pain due to abnormalities of the heart can give in the area of the jaw on the left side. If a dentist is sure that you are completely healthy, go to the cardiologist.

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