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A few words about the deficit

The city of Abundance – a shop in Moscow. I shopped there from 2008 to 2013. I really liked this store. He, of course, is not cheap, but the range is very best for me.

Haven’t been there. Previously, he was on my way from work, so I bought everything. Work changed, to the City of Abundance was far away, so didn’t go.

Today I was on the way. Went. Wanted the habit to buy the lamb pilaf ( it was always there), sushi (they have always made themselves very decent sushi), meat broth (meat was excellent) wine (Spanish red dry), sheets for lasagna.

WENT! Mother dear, the store is EMPTY. There are no buyers (it was full), no lamb, no sushi, no meat. They used to be a wine yard. All the alcohol had occupied a separate room, now a regular stand. The wine Department is closed. Just bought the sheets for lasagne, white pepper and biscuit. Paid for it almost 500 rubles.

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In General, back to the point from which the left – to the deficit.

Post-Soviet and post-Soviet system is. Of course, such a deficit, as in the USSR, thank God, but he already felt.

What will happen next?

With the post-Soviet system will be the same as that of the Soviet – liberalization of the economy. There is no other way.

Complete the de-Sovietization. It will be light and soft, as in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, East Germany.

In General, everything will be fine!

And “the City of Abundance” will again become a city of Abundance.

Несколько слов о дефиците

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