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Academician Vitaly Zverev: “Water street is pointless – coronavirus there is no”

Академик РАН Виталий Зверев: "Поливать улицы бессмысленно, - коронавируса там нет"

In all regions of Russia, as measures to combat the spread of coronavirus, utilities began to pour carriageway road and pedestrian roads, and even the walls of houses. Consulted whether the officials before you start to spend the budget money, with experts in the field of epidemiology – the question.


On 6 April the head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology and immunology sechenovskiy University, doctor of biological Sciences, academician Vitaly Zverev said:

“I don’t know what part of the road and watered the walls of the houses, but I know that in the fashion industry, on the roads there, and on the walls either”.


Why, then, when in the country every day, a growing number are in need of URGENT financial assistance of Russians, the authorities of cities and villages squander the people’s money?

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Power called the ongoing disinfection.

Try to calculate how much it costs this “disinfection” Moscow – the capital of the Russian Federation.

Here is a summary table of the lease is polivani domestic production:


Академик РАН Виталий Зверев: "Поливать улицы бессмысленно, - коронавируса там нет"



So, take the arithmetic mean: 8 hours of one “sprinkle is about 8 thousand rubles.

It is known that the capital stock for disinfection of the city attended by over three thousand cars.

Question: how much is one day “disinfection” of Moscow?

3 000 cars (let’s not be greedy) multiplied by 8 000 received 24 million rubles.

Clarification: this is a rough calculation, it does not include the cost of water with bleach or whatever our city watered? We did not include the wages of drivers operating under special conditions, and must be paid at a higher rate than usual.

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And still: if 8 hours “disinfection” worth 24 million rubles a day, then calculate how much it costs:

1. 7 days – 168 million rubles

2. 30 days – more than 5 billion rubles

3. 2 months – 10 billion 8 million

Well, what normal businessman will then advocate for the removal of restrictive measures?

PS Aleksey Zhuravlev, the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation commented on the absolutely senseless from the point of view of academician Vitaly Zverev, “disinfection” with his characteristic sense of humor:

“But beautiful!”

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