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Advantages of Zirconia crowns

Преимущества циркониевой коронки

The problem with the teeth touched each of us at least once in your life. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of ideal state of the teeth, especially the elderly.

There are times when a tooth or several teeth fall out, injured or struggling as a result of injury. Of course, first and foremost, it is aesthetically unattractive, especially if it is front teeth. In addition, the person cannot eat, which can greatly affect the condition of the digestive system and cause serious diseases.

Modern medicine can save the patient from such problems! Today, the market of dental services there are many options to restore the tooth, where we will focus on the zirconium crowns. What is it?

Zirconia crown is a design that is not removed, it repeats the color and shape of a real human tooth. This chaplet can be placed in the broken tooth and the implant. This crown is a great way out when the seal is no longer saves.

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The main advantages of Zirconia crowns

Of course, this method of tooth restoration has many advantages, we will tell about the main of them:

— the patient receives initial form, after all Zirconia crown just visually indistinguishable from a real tooth, man regains confidence and begins to smile;

— Zirconia is a guarantee of absolute compatibility, and thus the patient does not have any allergic reactions;

— during prosthesis removal of the nerve is not required, the production of the crown is very precise and individual, so the person passes a long time with her, and the crown can be tooth decay;

— this crown is light weight, patient it seems that his mouth is foreign body;

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— turning the tooth when fitting a crown takes place at a minimum level;

— the crown over time does not change its original color.

In order to establish a Zirconia crown, you must get professional advice from the podiatrist. After that, the specialists make a mold, identify the color of the tooth and produce a crown. During the manufacture of the crowns, the dentist must prepare the tooth for the installation of crowns or treat the tooth if it is needed. Then installed myself Zirconia crown.

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