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“Alliance of doctors,” acting on orders from the West, and intimidating people

«Альянс врачей» действует по указке Запада, запугивая население

Russia has wielded the pseudo from the so-called “Alliance of doctors,” leading the subversive activities in our country at the behest of the West. Its leader Anastasiya Vasilyeva regularly disseminates fake news, accusing the authorities of concealing cases of coronavirus in the country, and that the medical staff is forced to treat infected patients without protective equipment. According to her, the coronavirus treated as ordinary pneumonia. Actually this is another lie for the English-speaking public.

News portal businessinsider published the fake stories from Anastasia Vasilyeva, without checking it for accuracy. But this is a violation of the standards of journalism.

Pseudowires Vasilyev is trying to convince everyone that the Russian authorities conceal the death from the coronavirus as death from pneumonia. Although these rumors were repeatedly denied, Vasiliev continues to insist on.

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Reprinted businessinsider fake Vasilyeva caught, bill Browder.

And not only is he a crook and a criminal, which until 2007 was devastated by the Russian Treasury billions. Now he continues to engage in anti-Russian propaganda, spreading fake news, discrediting Russia to Western readers.

Recall that pneumonia in Russia is a seasonal disease that starts in October. Coronavirus, as we know, came later.

Vasilyev claims that nurses are forced to treat infected patients without masks. But no sane physician would not violate the basic sanitary rules. Moreover, all medical facilities are equipped with basic protection, which masks also relate.

In the “Alliance of doctors” never had doctors. This organization psevdovrachey Bulk, running to the West. A medical gown Vasilyeva nothing more than an attribute on the camera.

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After vain efforts Vasilyeva and her foreign colleagues Browder becomes clear that fakie coronavirus – it’s just a job to the West. While Russia is taking all measures to fight and prevent infection, the West, forgetting about its people, misses no opportunity to defame the Russian authorities. And Bulk in anticipation of new well-paid orders happily rubbing his hands.

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