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Announced release date of Civilization VI on consoles

Объявлена дата выхода Civilization VI на консолях

Console players get four bonus content add-ons.

After more than three years after the release of the PC strategy Sid Meier’s Civilization VI will be ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with all add-ons. Console release is scheduled for November 22.

The regular version of the game will be sold for $59,99, and additions will have to pay another $49,99, buying a separate Civilization VI Expansion Bundle. It includes Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm and 18 leaders with its own distinctive features, unique buildings, units and other features. This set will also be available on Nintendo Switch, which is sold only the basic game.

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Console players get four bonus content add-ons: civilization Poland, Australia and Persia Macedonia (all scenarios) and a set of scenarios about the Vikings. Owners of the PlayStation 4 promise to give free sets of scenarios and civilizations of Nubia and Indonesia, and on Xbox One you need to buy them separately.

“For more than ten years have passed since then, as Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution gameplay suggested a global strategy in your room,’ said Melissa bell (Melissa Bell), Vice-President of marketing at 2K. — We can’t wait to invite new players who will join the 5.5 million fans of Civilization VI around the world.”

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