Sunday , February 17 2019
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USA: Illinois shooter opened fire after dismissal

Shooting inside the building in Aurora the American of Illinois, which killed five people, was opened by the employee of Henry Pratt, who was fired during the meeting, reported ABC 7, citing law enforcement sources. The channel reports that the fire opened a 45-year-old employee Gary Martin, he had worked …

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As trade war with China can ruin APPLE

In 2018, broke a trade war the U.S. and China affecting the Chinese company and Apple. And if in the beginning of the conflict it sounded harmless, by the end of the year, Apple has lost $9 billion, and their positions in China. A trade war between the US and …

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The outcome is obvious, only the timing is unclear

Yesterday in Venezuela were filed proof of supplying weapons to protesters from the United States, which was intercepted at the port. All the weapons fit on two tables, and were distinguished by heterogeneity and different-sized. But not solidity. Apparently, customs officers intercepted a shipment destined local mafia group, as well …

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