Monday , October 14 2019
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Someone translated a billion dollars in bitcoins

The world of cryptocurrencies lives with his little secret, although some of the audience continues to monitor the fluctuations of virtual money. This time attention was drawn to another of his rise or fall, and the amount of the transfer — 504 94 BTC that in “normal” money is about …

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What to do when everyone is against you?

What if one side of the lenders, on the other checks and the like out of this madness no choice but to declare itself bankrupt? Actually there is another loophole that can help. But have to work. Of course, if you already besieged by creditors and disgruntled employees of different …

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New growth point will be the warehouse

Boris Agate, the independent expert on innovation in retail, the author of the concept Store “4.0”. With the widespread development of Internet-trade is important as never point retail development was the warehouses that are now undergoing major changes. In fact, logistics has become the cornerstone of business optimization. But the …

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Pipe LTK “Free Falcon” will provide the poles clean water

Lipetsk pipe company “Svobodny Sokol” almost half our pipes of ductile cast iron (ductile iron) exports in Poland. In this country, the pipelines of ductile iron are becoming increasingly popular.   Despite the fact that in Europe there are several large factories producing such products, pipe Lipetsk manufacturer have on …

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In Bashkiria hunter is the beast shot a priest

In Bashkiria hunter shot the priest from the Orenburg region. This was reported in the press service of the interior Ministry. “The priest was in the bushes when walking past a local pensioner with a gun heard the noise and fired, taking the man for the big game”, — quotes …

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American “superability” the F-35 detected by radar 150 miles

American “stealth” did not meet expectations of the aircraft”invisible”. American fighter fifth generation F-35 disgraced in front of the radar, in essence, represents a telescopic tower mounted on a conventional car, with a distance of 150 kilometers, and this despite the maximum effective range of the radar is 250 miles. …

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