Tuesday , June 25 2019
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Americans plan to teach weapons to recognize faces

American armed forces are once again trying to replace existing models of small arms for more advanced, with all the modern technologies. And it will not be another upgrade and kit “black rifles” M4A1, and something completely new. Writes about this site Military.com. This time the Pentagon announced a competition …

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In Russia changed the rules for issuing gun permit

Owners will have to provide a medical certificate every year, not every five years Wanting to own a gun, apparently, is markedly diminished in the near future in Russia. The owners of the “trunks” will annually provide a certificate of their sanity (they still had to do it every five …

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The most effective multi-role fighter was the Russian MiG-35

The latest model of the Russian MiG-35 left behind his American rival the F-35, which was recently criticized in the media. The American newspaper The National Interest noted all the advantages of the Russian aircraft. The publication notes that the MiG-35 is classified as fighters of “4++” generation, and much …

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