Tuesday , January 28 2020
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Georgy Langemak: for that shot the Creator of “Katyusha”

About the legendary “Katyusha” even children know. This instrument became a symbol of the great Patriotic war. However, few people know that his Creator, the Soviet scientist Georgy Langemak, shot another 3 years before the beginning of the war. While the invention has literally appropriated the engineer Andrei Kostikov. German …

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Bloody weekend in Baltimore, USA: 8 shooting, 5 killed

In Baltimore, USA over the past weekend there have been 8 shootings, which killed 5 people on January 13, reports The Associated Press. 8 shooting incidents injuring 12 people (including 5 deaths). One of the candidates for mayor of the city said it plans to question the head of the …

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