Friday , July 3 2020
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Defined the most hated travelers airlines

American marketing Agency Fractl have identified the most hated travelers the airlines. According to Fortune, the company analyzed 1.3 million tweets about the work of 70 operators in the world and to identify the most criticized of them. It turned out that the greatest criticism in social networks has received …

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Pregnant women are recommended to limit consumption of fish

An international team of nutritionists from Europe and the US came to the conclusion that excessive consumption by pregnant women of fish increases the risk of their offspring being obese. The results of the research, the authors published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, and briefly about them, reports Reuters. In …

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Rabinovich hurt, he was denied entry to Russia

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine from the faction “the Opposition bloc” Vadim Rabinovich has denied entry to the territory of the Russian Federation. As reported by Rabinovich, that he is in Russia the persona non grata he learned on his arrival in Moscow. From where he was deported to Ukraine. …

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Long ago izbrano

Archaeologists are constantly finding all sorts of interesting things. I want to tell about the earliest known samples of objects that are found today. Of course, you can always find more ancient objects, so “first” is, of course, conditional. 1. The earliest evidence of the use of drugs (2700 years) …

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The story N. With. Leskov’s “The Beast”

For his famous story “the Beast” Nikolai Semenovich Leskov as the epigraph used the expression: “And the beasts of snimaju Holy word” (“the Life of the elder Seraphim”). Indeed, in his story the animals understand people with a good heart and don’t understand the hard-hearted and evil. But a kind …

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In Japan, the company went bankrupt, which was 1500 years

The company in Japan failed after 1500 years of business In Japan, went bankrupt one of the oldest company. Developer Kongo Gumi was founded in 578 ad and has existed for almost 1500 years. For fifteen centuries the company has endured all possible hardships, including the nuclear bombing of Japan …

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Hunger is not an aunt

Extraordinary ingenuity to show our smaller brethren when searching for food in a hungry winter season. Some of them “cling” a by-product of urbanization — the landfills. Thousands of crows, rooks and jackdaws dominate there in the daytime, and flushed with heaps of waste edible birds hunter hawk-Sparrowhawk sometimes overshadow …

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