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Jurisdiction theft

“I’m a fourth year running and prove that I stole the money. For me, a pensioner, is a lot of money,” says Natalia Efimovna Lyubimov. It all started with the fact that she in her old age she decided to sell her Moscow apartment and to move out of town… …

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Relatives of the Governor of Dwina turned out to be businessmen

The brother of General Alexey Dyumin, Artem Dyumin, heads the sports complex “Olympic”. In addition, his company “Prodmarket” is the only Builder of “charge” which is included in the eponymous Park on the site of the demolished hotel “Russia”. It found the New Times. According to the publication, father Dyumin, …

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Surly Russia

Came across a sad story from Central Russia, could not pass by: From the former Soviet Union closer to the Lipetsk moved family, with a dream, with desire, with forces to do something, to live well, right, and godly. In a small village looked after the house, bought it, then …

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Medvedev told United Russia, how to support the business

The adoption of measures to protect businesses need to accelerate, move to reduce the tax burden, said the head of United Russia, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev today in Moscow the Congress of the party. However, in the tax area is necessary to act very carefully so as not to jeopardize …

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The secret life of the hotel on the hour

Hotels with hourly rates appear in Moscow like mushrooms after rain and are now considered one of the most lucrative businesses. In these hotels no lobby, no restaurant and even the reception is not always present. And the Breakfast is not worth to dream. But you can buy condoms in …

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The boar’s Goodies

However, helpful Rangers will not believe your assurances to shoot only segoletki and will take care of all the emotional overload associated with the extraction of the beast: you will be happy working dogs, and plenty to shoot inside the corral. Tangled for the daylight hours of aimless wandering miners …

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Woodcocks in pots

Take the Kulikov forest of calculation ¾ birds in one pot.       No, no, we shorthaired pointer to cook today will not. From this picture just for the beauty 🙂 Opalium birds, disemboweled and cut the carcass into 4 pieces. Salt, pepper to taste.   Fry on high …

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