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Choose mushroom.

Today, there are a number of hypotheses about how to collect a lot of mushrooms, which places most rich in natural crops and even entire circuits and these assumptions about the correct collection. However, the reality is much more difficult, and hypotheses like instructions, such as conceal themselves, forcing to …

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Mushrooms against cancer

Fans of Japanese and Chinese food noticed that the dishes of these countries is unthinkable without such an important ingredient like mushrooms. In Japanese and Chinese cultures, mushrooms have long been attributed not only delicious taste but also medicinal properties. In ancient Chinese writings describe the cases of treatment with …

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Why in the USSR religion was destroyed, and now develop?

– Go to Church!–as I said-one of the partners, when talking about reducing the income of one of the areas of the business. Next half an hour telling about the decline of morals, that the Church businessmen rarely go, and need something to rectify the situation: because only the Church …

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Hijab with Putin caused a stir among Russian Muslims

Russian designer Muslim clothing Abushaeva Zuhra – Zuhra TM has released higb with the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Display of new items was held at the presentation with a Patriotic name “do not leave His,” which was held recently in the framework of International scientific-educational conference “Faith, ethnicity, …

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Fishing frost is not a hindrance

Always interesting to fish in unfamiliar water. So when the opportunity came to go fishing on Yauza reservoir, I gladly agreed. Because I’ve never been. Wanted to go to a new place, to test the so-called “rocker”, to try their own homemade jigs, to work new rod, etc. Plans were …

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Fishing on the Volga pikeperch during

At some point of time I suddenly began to realize that my practice of ice fishing fish appeared a separate page – fishing Bursch. Until then, the Bursch has always been regarded by me as bycatch when fishing for Zander. But eventually I got a separate place where I go …

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