Friday , July 3 2020
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The check boxes on ice

Piercing in the silence hear a loud click, and over the snow-covered plateau rising into the air a bright red box tackles. Bite! Fisherman in a hurry to tackle, a thousand times the thoughts are born and die: “Holds or not? Maybe quit? No, like holding a… Oh, go blow …

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Shortly after freeze-up

Every angler on the river is their favorite destination. Someone who likes rifts, someone who specializes in pits. Anyone interested to fish for asps with sandy or rocky spits, and someone feeds and catch fish in quiet pools. I also have a characteristic the place where I most often find …

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As “sit” roaches?

Due to a number of reasons it is not always possible to effectively catch a roach on mormyshka without a nozzle. This is in sharp breaks in the weather, when low activity is the fish in the local spots where the fishing is “on game” it quickly is alarming. Also …

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Common pot

The smell of burning alarmed the subconscious Ivan Kolesov and took shape in the thought: “I could Not so quickly come to the hut”. Ivan turned off the profile and went towards the smell. Taiga in this quarter there was a thick, windproof winds, and shreds of smoke, entangled in …

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Laryngeal scope

The sun’s rays, reflected from dangling in the air of grains of sand dispersed throughout the space. On either side of the valley stood a bizarre rock giants. Between them snaked a barely noticeable track. Where were they? To the far Bedouin nomads? To eternity? There are more questions than …

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From life in the forests of the Far East

The whole night was raging snowstorm — Blizzard is here; she’s not calmed down and in the morning, and on the contrary, with the dawn of even more played out. In the woods in this Blizzard is nothing, Polgara. The dense thicket of tree trunks, heavy thicket thicket artisanal protect …

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Record wintering

Whatever harbored another new year, one thing is sure: on the third Sunday of January in Moscow hosts a citywide waterfowl. This year it was held for the 32nd time, wanting to participate in it did not stop either snow squalls on Saturday or promised by weather forecasters, unstable weather …

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Bongiorno, sir! You in Italy!

Still light and seen, as wave after wave of ducks to fly. In pairs, units and squadrons. Autumn, in October, it doesn’t matter, drakes or females, all fly Pell-mell. The first portion of the six vypilivaya from the trunk of my neighbor, and duck, secularises, noisy plops down into the …

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Accessories: 10 fashion trends autumn 2015

Preparing your wardrobe for autumn so that it matches the latest fashion trends, do not forget about how important each image accessories. And we will help you to understand the most relevant. From jewelry to handbags and even high gloves — here are a few trends that got rave reviews …

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