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Cheap Chinese tablets for the census will replace expensive domestic

Дешевые китайские планшеты для переписи населения заменят дорогими отечественными

The Russian government will be obliged “Rostelecom” to buy tablets Russian production for the population census in the year 2020 and to cancel the competition, which has already won the company for the supply of Chinese tablets. It’s more expensive at 2.3 billion rubles.

After summing up the results of the tender the Russian manufacturers of tablets complained to the government that a national census will be used Chinese tablets. The government endorsed the idea that such an important project like the census should be carried out on domestic equipment.

About it reports “Interfax” citing a source in the financial-economic bloc of the government.

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According to the source Agency, the acquisition of the Russian tablets with domestic soft more expensive at 2.3 billion rubles. Now we are discussing the issue of provision of funds. It is reported that they are unable to allocate from reserve Fund of the government.

According to the Agency, there are currently four manufacturers of tablets. This is “Aquarius, NPP * Itelma”, “Business office” and “Crafty”.

Only the census of the population of Russia 2020 plans to spend 33 billion rubles.

Earlier it was reported that the upcoming census can pass also through the Internet. The questionnaire for the survey will be placed on the portal of public Services and citizens will be able to answer not only for themselves but also for family members. The authorities promise that processing results will not be used the personal information in the questionnaire will remain anonymous. Trial online census was first held in 2018, then received about 1.2 million applications.

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The first General census of the population of Russia was held in 1897. Latest in October 2010. Its implementation has allocated 10.5 billion rubles. In Russia was written in approximately 141.18 million people, in Moscow recorded 11.7 million inhabitants.

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