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Coming soon: family cartoon “the Storks”

Animated Comedy “the Storks” from the Studio that gave the audience “LEGO. The film is preparing for the release. At the core of the story – the adventures of stork Junior: he works as a courier, delivering orders from the online shop, but accidentally activates a machine for the production of children, and now feathered we’ll have to remember your real mission on Earth. In the Russian version the characters speak voices radio host of “Brigade” and family of the couple: actors Anna Starshenbaum and Alexei Bardukova.

Coming soon: family cartoon “the Storks”

Naive childish curiosity “where are the children?” often puts adults in a deadlock. Trying to get away from complicated explanations and multiplying leading questions, long ago there was a legend that babies are brought by storks. This myth formed the basis of the new animated film about feathered friends that not one of the generations involved in the delivery of babies at home. In the twenty-first century, their routine became a little easier – there is now a whole plant, Packed with ultramodern equipment: conveyors where there are kids, and then palenytsya, and special sorting. Storks can only carry a valuable parcel to the addressee. Therefore, the head of the company decides to increase turnover through the delivery of various equipment. And here the main character is a Junior made its millionth flight, preparing to rise and all the laurels due for the occasion. But it happens to have a curiosity: on the line there is a girl, although it still has not been ordered. What to do with the baby that nobody expects? To solve this problem Junior helps orphan girl named Buttercup. This character is very temperamental, one might even say whimsical, in the Russian box office will speak the voice of Anna Starshenbaum.

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Anna starshenbaum, voiced a girl named Buttercup, shares her impressions about her character:Is there one scene where my heroine tells five different voices in one scene, switching them straight one after the other. She does, because it is very emotional. And when she doesn’t have anyone to talk to, she to herself thinks out of friends. And communicate with them”.
The report from the “film industry”
The actress admits that doing the dubbing of cartoons dreamed since adolescence – not for your clear voice, it was called “Stepashka”, alluding to the similarity with the doll – the idol of millions of children. And when Anna was invited to audition, she got exactly the kind of scene where Buttercup shows off his voice range. Dream come true – the actress approved. But the speed with which talking to Buttercup, just incredible, and because Anna, the rapidity of speech which many may envy, still had a hard time while training for the role. About the difficulties, even enjoyable and surmountable, says and the Wiki, which got the character Sarah is a businesswoman and a social climber.

Vicki from the “gang” has shared with the correspondent “the film Industry” emotions from work on dubbing the cartoon “the Storks”:the Difficulty was because I am Vysokogornaya, and basically talking “on the tops”, so, in the middle, and there is still such a role, where it is necessary to speak low. And I had to artificially lower my voice. This is why the emotional crashes immediately, and I was tense-strained. I hope it turned out well. At least tried very hard”.
The trailer of the cartoon “the Storks”
While Sarah only passionate about work, her son is dreaming of the emergence of a brother in their family. He even writes the storks the letter with the request to carry out his cherished dream. And never for a moment ceases to believe in miracles. In the dubbing of the film involved and other members of the morning show “Brigada U” – Ilya and Jam. They give voice to the wolves, leaders of alpha and Beta. But, despite the apparent severity, even the predators in the cartoon sentimental – start to melt when I see baby.

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Jam admits that on the record literally fit into your character:I don’t know if they recognize me, listeners who are accustomed to my morning voice, but, perhaps this is the essence of the voice of the cartoons when you get used to the character, no matter they know you or not, the important thing is that the voice of choice”.
The trailer of the cartoon “the Storks”
Learn more about the nature of the characters themselves and how they behave outside of the animated film, you will be able in the next release of our program – the Buttercup and Stork gave an exclusive interview to “the cinema Industry”.

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