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Compromise for the sake of stability

Компромисс ради стабильности

The story of the struggle for the Park in Yekaterinburg was very revealing. Some things in the device of our state and society, she simply opened her eyes.

Published on Wednesday the results of the poll, according to kotarumalos Yekaterinburg citizens do not support the construction of the temple in the Park (although no objection to its construction in a different location), immediately caused a response in the spirit that it was a “signal from above” on the willingness to compromise. That is enough to rebel: and the temple to be square.

However, the mayor of Yekaterinburg Alexander Vysokinskiy, apparently, in any signals does. In hot pursuit he called not to draw on the data of VCIOM special attention and still await the results of that poll, which is prepared by the city authorities after the actual orders of the President. However, the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Yevgeny Kuyvashev has demonstrated a much more developed political instinct, adjusting his younger colleague. In his opinion, the poll showed, “that in the selection of sites, mistakes were made, it was not fully taken into account the opinion of citizens”.

“You need to choose a more suitable place to build a temple there that have been dreaming of the Orthodox residents of Yekaterinburg. Appeal to the head of Ekaterinburg Alexander Wysokinska with a request not to include this area (square) to the list of places for the survey. We went through this conflict, he is exhausted. We would have to find a new place for a temple”, — said Kuyvashev.

Anyway, the point in the scandalous story to put everything clearly before. But what is already clear is that the conflict in Yekaterinburg was very revealing. And some things in the device of our state and society, he really opened my eyes. So it is not amiss to remember how this story developed.

Clashes in Yekaterinburg between opponents and supporters of the construction of another Church in the place beloved by the citizens of the square in the city centre, becoming the event of the Federal scale, ignored by the Kremlin. When Vladimir Putin finally decided to publicly speak about them, specifically stressed that it was “a purely regional story.” He, the master of political PR, of course, it is important to convince fellow God forbid such are the “regional history” will become a Federal protest.

It is remarkable that, speaking about the confrontation in Yekaterinburg, the President managed just a few words to Express their political and much of the class the position in this case. At the request of the journalist to say that he thinks about these clashes, Putin responded with a question: “They are atheists?”. Actually, could not continue. The i placed priorities identified.

The word “godless” (not “atheists”, not “unbelievers”, “infidels”) in the mouth of the President was not as a neutral term. Sensing this, state advocates have consistently developed and strengthened the rhetorical promise to “demons” and “devils”. Next, probably have to wait for “witches” and hunt them.

However, those who wanted to know the truth about the events in Ekaterinburg, it is known that the construction of the Church are not only atheists, but also believers of local residents who do not want the narrowing of the living space in their hometown for themselves and their children. And therefore encroached on “sacred” — are against cutting down of parks and gardens. In our time, in our country, probably in itself is a terrible crime…

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But if you really like the President and propagandists? If some of those protesting against the construction of this Church really does not believe in God, what then? What if they are in full compliance with the Constitution, successfully manage life without faith in the supernatural? If you believe that enough to have a scientific view of the world to be decent people? Surely in today’s Russia is already a crime? And for that they can peel by the hands of various women, Orthodox athletes, asguardian, police and so on?

Or what else? Anathema? So it’s about tens of millions of our compatriots. Not electoral somehow…

However, Putin readily agreed that it is necessary “to conduct a survey, and the minority obey the majority.” It is clear why. I was sure that we are constantly being told how representatives of the ROC, the vast majority of citizens are Orthodox. And, therefore, the result of this survey has been predetermined.

One way or another, but the go-ahead from above was given, and while city officials decide which way is better for them to know the opinion of citizens, they were ahead in the polls. And I don’t think the results of a survey of state sociological services now anyone will be interpreted in that spirit that 74% of the residents of Yekaterinburg “atheists” or even “demons.”

With respect to religion we are all not so simple, according to the ROC, has long become one of the ideological divisions of the current government. For example, the FOM survey conducted in March 2019 and on the attitude of Russians toward religion, has shown that the Orthodox in Russia will take 65% of the respondents. And those whom the President calls “godless” — 21%.

However, 65% of Orthodox are actually not all so is simple, as it seems the secular and ecclesiastical authorities. Which, incidentally, demonstrated collision in Yekaterinburg. Here again it is worth noting that some of the protesters against the demolition of the square and build in its place a Church — quite a believer. Just for them, the town square is an important part of their worldly life, and faith is a personal matter.

While Orthodox believers not unanimous and suggestible, as they want to present those broadcasting on their behalf by the main Russian TV channels. Today, in the era of the Internet and social networking, it is no longer possible openly fooling, as was done in the previous twenty years.

In confirmation I refer to personal experience explore this question. Some time ago I participated in a survey of workers of Omsk and Kaluga. In addition, they were asked the question about faith. Now, almost half of the respondents were, in the words of our President, “godless”. Frankly, I was amazed how the workers are believers and unbelievers belong to a religion and the top of the ROC. How much in their judgment of common sense and conscience, which is so alien to our secular and religious gods. Simply quote. In the end, the voice of the people is the voice of God.

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Svyatoslav, Kaluga, work “Volkswagen”, considers himself an agnostic: “it is Better virtuous unbeliever than the man who stole and killed and then crossed himself and considers himself a believer”.

Michael, Kaluga, work “Volkswagen,” the Orthodox believer: “I do not think anyone should pay for religion. Why the Serbian Patriarch goes to work on foot, and our commutes to work in the Mercedes?”.

Peter, Omsk, worker-welder, Orthodox believer: “…a candle can be put and not in the Church, and at home in front of the icon. ROC — a minimum of respect (to the congregation), high Commerce. I don’t like the pot-bellied priests with huge crosses and “Lexuses”.

Anna, Omsk, working in food production, the Orthodox believer:“When this “the godfather” (…) out of the plane in front of him and the carpeting, all in gold, that’s all… (laughs)”.

Today in Ekaterinburg, and already in the country as a whole, for anybody not a secret that the plan for the construction of the Church in the center of the city were local oligarchs, has long been firmly included in the list of Forbes, — Andrey Kozitsin (his condition for 2019 is estimated at 4.4 billion dollars) and Igor Altushkin ($4.3 billion). Including fighters from the Academy of martial arts, funded by the Russian copper company Igor Altushkin, thrown into battle against people who defended the square.

These well-trained fighters, fighters mixed martial arts, not counting police, asguardian, as well as leading Federal TV channels, and acted as defenders of the “supporters of the construction of the temple.” Here is the distribution of roles. On earth in this story the interests of billionaires are protecting the police and “titushki” clubs of martial arts, the information war against the citizens are popular TV personalities and priests, and Ministers to and blesses all is the one who, in theory, should be “above the fray”, but in fact represents the interests of billionaires…

However, the consent of the President to conduct a survey in Yekaterinburg says that for the sake of stability, he is ready to sacrifice even Holy business interests of some oligarchs. Even if these interests and hide behind such an important religious (i.e., ideological) shell.

And it is also very revealing. Stability in this case means the interests of the whole ruling class of modern Russia. For that you can sacrifice specific private interests of individual billionaires. In this lies wisdom and the essence of the “state” approach of the current Russian government.

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