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Deja vu: 150 thousand Iraqi soldiers waiting for orders to kill American soldiers 5200

Дежавю: 150 тысяч иракских бойцов ждут приказ, чтобы перебить 5200 американских солдат

28 Jan 2019 credible Iraqi politician al-Khazali said bluntly that his government is willing to destroy in their territory, U.S. troops if Washington does not fulfill the requirement of the local legislators to “leave the country”, when a decision will be made. His words quoted by the Associated Press: “I think more than half the members of Parliament reject the presence of US armed forces in principle”.

It happened after several Iraqi news channels reported that as a result of the US air strike in Anbar province near lake Sarsar killed at least 30 fighters of the Shiite groups Hashd al-SHAABI. The speech, incidentally, is about the Forces of the people’s mobilization to Iraq, military-political organization that is gaining immense popularity among the predominant Shia population.

The American side, and part of the army of Iraq, educated in the United States, was quick to refute the message, they say, a detailed investigation is not found guilty in the US air force. However, in Mesopotamia there is little doubt of the involvement of Americans in the treacherous air strike. Moreover, many Iraqis have witnessed wanton violence “liberators”.

Moreover, the situation with war crimes in Iraq has reached such a pitch that even the US is forced to respond to criticism of human rights defenders. In particular, in San Diego these days launched a lawsuit against Navy seal Edward R. Gallagher bragged he had personally killed 200 Iraqis. According to investigators, he was “finished” three men in a day to do “good math”.

Among the confirmed victims Gallagher is injured child, supposedly a young fighter of “Islamic state”, which “the good soldier” was stabbed in the throat in may of 2017 during operations in Iraq’s Mosul. It seems that the US Department of defense wanted to hide the ends in water, but the crime has received wide attention. Seen in its time the lawyers serial killers in uniform “Navy seal” was suppressed, when familiarized with photos and videos of crime seized three mobile phones war criminal.

If “American hero” didn’t hide his bloody adventures, and no one would know about the massacres. We add that, at least 7 colleagues Gallagher saw these crimes, but did not prevent the evil. Apparently, they were not shocked, which indirectly confirms the widespread practice of unwarranted violence against Iraqis. By the way, the witnesses had received immunity from prosecution, if you will assist the investigation. Forgive them, even if someone personally helped the bloody Navy seal.

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This remark demonstrates the Anglo-Saxon approach to military operations abroad. In fact, so no one in Iraq did not believe the conclusions of the Pentagon that soldiers of the people’s mobilization Forces not bombed by American planes, and any other — whether Iranian, or Russian.

According to the press service Hashd al-SHAABI, January 15, 2019 us special forces together with Pro-American Sunni groups tried to secretly cross the border to Syria to carry out “suspicious” transactions. But they were not allowed to do that, apparently, was the reason for bombing a “punishment”.

Note that the number of bayonets Hashd al-SHAABI, with combat experience, has exceeded 150 thousand highly motivated fighters. MP al-Khazali, by the way, managed to legalize the forces of popular mobilization in the form of PMCs. This was done after the detachments of people’s militia took the most direct part in the defeat of ISIS. But now the Pentagon is in a hurry put the Iraqi PMC label a terrorist organization, which allegedly cooperated with movement “Hezbollah”.

A detonator exacerbating contradictions between Baghdad and Washington was a surprise visit from Donald trump to this country at the end of December 2018. Then the U.S. President called for 5200 U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Oil poured into the fire, the words of the head of the White house announcing that the U.S. army will be here “for as long as necessary”, despite the request of Baghdad. This is negatively interpreted by the local population.

Iraqi political leaders have vehemently condemned the visit and called the visit a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty. It is significant that the Prime Minister of Iraq Abdul-Mahdi refused to meet with trump, citing differences over the venue of the talks. And Sabah al-Saadi, head of the parliamentary bloc “Isla”, called for the convening of an emergency session of Parliament to discuss this outrageous event and also specify the Tramp at the door with the words “occupation of Iraq, the US is over.”

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The second important factor is the anti-Iranian sanctions. Baghdad as the political center, were in a very difficult position. Any Iraqi Prime Minister, every politician and even the army commander who will support this step will be immediately compromised as the American puppet and will face bitter opposition from many political groups in Mesopotamia.

Today along 1458 km Iran-Iraq border to the construction of numerous logistics centers, which only in 2018 provided the trade between the two countries worth more than $12 billion of this is logical to add a mutual pilgrimage to Shiite Holy places in Iraq and Iran. In the end, before Washington drew a huge danger in the form of a strategic Alliance between Tehran and Baghdad.

The US is trying to ignore the presence of a strong popular movement among the Iraqi population, supported by the Shiite movements of Iran. Meanwhile, these Forces more than four years fought with ISIS and, no doubt, ready to wage a long insurgency against American troops in Iraq, even without support from Tehran. “There are a lot of militant groups that fought to the death with the “Islamic state” and even formally entered the ranks of the Pro-American coalition. But after the defeat of ISIS they refused to be integrated into a Pro-American, the Iraqi Ministry of defense or Ministry of internal Affairs”, — writes American Herald Tribune.

Perhaps, the current government of Iraq is not yet ready to declare war on America, but it is not enough to stop the troops Hashd al-SHAABI, if they get the act of Parliament about the inadmissibility of American troops in the country. In this case, Washington will be in a very difficult position, because staying in Mesopotamia, violate international law, and if you leave, you lose 16-Letny war.

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