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Doctors told how chocolate affects hearing

Медики рассказали, как шоколад влияет на слухEating chocolate can be very useful for people in middle age. It helps to prevent the characteristic hearing loss and occurrence of tinnitus.

The quality of the chocolate was identified by scientists from South Korea. Their work reported on the website of the scientific journal Nutrients. Before you make a conclusion about the influence of chocolate at the hearing, the experts analyzed the results of several studies conducted in 2012-2013 in the framework of the national survey of health and nutrition.

“We found that among people who considered themselves lovers of chocolate and consumed it regularly, chocolate, fewer of those who complained of hearing problems as you age. Indeed, the risk of hearing loss from age 40 to 64 years was significantly lower in comparison with those who did not eat chocolate”, – said the authors of the project.

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Low susceptibility to age-related hearing loss, as well as the best security

people from the occurrence of noise in the ears of the South Korean doctors explain anti-inflammatory effect of chocolate. Polyphenol compounds contained in cocoa have strong antioxidant properties which makes chocolate tool in the fight against inflammation.

That is the inflammatory processes affect the condition of your hearing and the quality of as the onset of aging explained by the experts.
Note that we are talking about chocolate containing a minimum of sugar and a high concentration of cocoa.

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