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Doctors told how to check for immunity to measles

Медики рассказали, как проверить наличие иммунитета к кориThe virus is transmitted by airborne droplets.

Measles is an acute viral disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets. The probability to get sick when meeting with a carrier of the virus is 95-100%.

The only effective remedy for measles is vaccination. Measles is a dangerous disease that can lead to death.

The first vaccination against measles is carried out in children aged 12-15 months, the second vaccination do at the age of 6 years. The introduction of the second dose contributes to the development of protective immunity. Those who was vaccinated twice, and still ill, the illness passes in a mild form. Overall, the vaccine provides immune protection, since two weeks after its receipt.

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How to know if you have immunity?

With the help of a blood test. Blood analysis of immunoglobulin G to measles virus in any laboratory. Blood on antibodies it is necessary to pass on an empty stomach. Before the examination the patient should avoid emotional overload, not to engage in heavy physical work and do not take alcohol. Usually the study takes 1-2 working days. Urgent analysis can be obtained in 2-3 hours, but the cost in this case will be approximately twice above.

What about the analysis?

The analysis helps to identify the concentration of antibodies to a particular infection and to determine the level of immunity. If the antibody titre is low – it is better to revaktsinirujut.

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About the need to make re-vaccination is better to ask the doctors in the clinics. Revaccination recommended for adults aged 20 to 55 years. Contraindication to vaccination is a primary or secondary immunodeficiency, mononucleosis, cancer.

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