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Doping and pharmacists. Athletes of the world – Guinea pigs

Sport on the brink of self-destruction. Modern competition is the competition not only and not so much athletes as the competition pharmacists. Who better to hide doping? Who will pay more. to a useful drug is a competitor with similar properties to remove from the allowed list. Here the main intrigue lately.

Another intrigue of what the disease will find the athlete to give legally doping. If you are too little and too pure order of the disease, the higher the probability. you’ll find something to ascribe to. Especially if these are state organizations of uncomfortable countries.

There is profound suspicion that some countries are not subjected to doping scandals, because the pharmacists of these countries are leading and pay huge bribes under the guise of sponsorship of the influential structures of the sports world. Another option direct bribes structures and state structures of a number of countries, it podozrevayutsya. when starting a scandal in the press about doping in this country very quickly fades.

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The result of this lawlessness becomes the weaker the health of the athletes, in fact they are the main victims of the war pharmacists.

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