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Experts called rare and dangerous effects of making love

Специалистами названы редкие и опасные эффекты занятий любовью

For anybody not a secret that regular lovemaking is useful for our body. But, as practice has shown, there are cases in which intimate relationships end in tears.

1. Spanish doctors recorded the fact of anaphylactic shock in a woman during oral sex. As it turned out, the woman was allergic to penicillin, and her partner had taken amoxicillin, which spread throughout the body, also ranked in the sperm. Allergic reactions during lovemaking subject to the same men who have hit of a semen on the skin can cause itching, swelling, until breathing disorders.

2. Unintentional flow of air in the vagina, may result in blocking blood flow and death of women.

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3. Excessive love can lead to twisting of the testicle and the withering away of the testicles. With timely treatment to the surgeon, it is possible to save the situation.

4. Loss of vision can occur as a result of breath-holding and excessive flexion of the abdominal muscles, which leads to a sharp increase in pressure, rupture of a blood vessel and, ultimately, blindness.Just such a case was described in 2014.

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