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From the first end, the world Bank estimated the Ukrainian economy

Первые с конца: Всемирный банк оценил украинскую экономику

The world Bank has prepared and published a report entitled “realizing the potential of economic growth of Ukraine”. The document says that the Ukrainian people, compared with the crisis year 2014, poorer by 16%. The level of gross domestic product per capita allows Ukraine to be on a par with the poorest European countries: Moldova, Armenia, Georgia.


The dynamics of poverty of Ukrainian citizens the WB experts found be insufficient to output at least at the level of average European indicators. According to world Bank forecasts, while maintaining the current pace of economic development, Ukraine has a chance to reach the level of Germany in a hundred years. And to catch up with Poland, Ukraine will need not less than fifty years.

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The causes of the Ukrainian economic disaster experts attribute the failure of foreign investment and unfinished reforms. And weak foreign capital inflows, the world Bank explains the failure of the principles of competition.


To exit from the current situation, the state encouraged to speed up the necessary reforms and to find solutions, contributing to the expansion of foreign trade. In addition, experts advise Ukrainian authorities to substantively work on the strengthening of economic institutions.

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