Sunday , August 25 2019
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Gamers found GTA Online secret mission

In GTA Online, drunk in a casino, you can activate a secret mission. Users found GTA Online secret mission. It is associated with the latest update, titled the Diamond Casino & Resort. The update has added a casino, which activates a secret mission. Only pre-need to drink a lot of …

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Details space shooter Disintegration from the author of Halo

One of the main developers Disintegration became Marcos of Leyte, the former creative Director shooter Halo: Reach. In mid-June, the publisher Division and Private Studio V1 Interactive has announced a new first person shooter in outer surroundings and with the name of Disintegration. In Disintegration, the player will control a …

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Steam has a new feature

Steam added the feature of hiding unwanted games. Valve has allowed Steam users to hide uninteresting projects at its discretion. This was told by the employee Alden Kroll. The developers did this in order that you have an additional way to filter the recommendations of the platform. Now the service …

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15 minutes of game-play retro shooter Fury Ion

Ion Fury — the spiritual successor to cult shooter Duke Nukem 3D, Blood and Shadow Warrior. Gaming publication IGN has posted a 15 minute gameplay video of the future retro shooter Fury Ion, from Voidpoint, LLC and 3D Realms. Originally the game was called Ion Maiden, but later changed its …

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42-minutes of gameplay and a new trailer for Borderlands 3

Co-op shooter Borderlands 3 comes out September 13, 2019. Company 2K Games and Gearbox Software Studio has released a new crazy trailer for your future co-op shooter Borderlands 3. At the same time well-known gaming publication Kotaku has presented 42-minute gameplay video. Fresh video shows a wild mix of the …

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The announced turn-based role-playing strategy King’s Bounty 2

King’s Bounty 2 is the second game after the restart of a popular franchise in 2007. 1C company suddenly announced a new turn-based role-playing strategy King’s Bounty 2. The developers have also unveiled the first trailer of the game, opened the options of publications and has published the minimum system …

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