Sunday , June 7 2020
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Stalker Online will be released on Steam in the fall of 2019

Stalker Online is a realistic survival-RPG in an open world. Studio Mobile Technologies has announced a new massive multiplayer game in the genre of post-Apocalypse and open world. The project is called Stalker Online. The developers claim that their Stalker Online made under the impression not only of the three …

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Steam began beta testing a new design library

Launch date of the new library in the main Steam client not yet reported. Valve has launched the public beta test of the new design of the Steam library. To run it you need to go into the settings of the client store and in the tab “Account” to find …

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Fan of Resident Evil 4 went through the game without firearms

The game can be completed only with a knife. User forum Reddit nicknamed Manekimoney told about a new achievement in Resident Evil 4. He passed the game without using firearms. According to the final plate, he made 797 murders with zero rate accuracy. Thus, he used knives, grenades, mines, rocket …

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Steam was released atmospheric horror Daymare: 1998

Daymare: 1998 — hardcore survival-horror third-person. The online gaming store Steam was released atmospheric horror Daymare: 1998 — creation Studio Invader Studios. Initially the project was conceived as fan remake of Resident Evil 2, but gradually it turned out to be a full-fledged game project in the spirit of the …

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