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Garlic will not stay!

Без чеснока не останемся!

Supply garlic from China in the event of disruptions will replace imports from other countries.

The head of Rusprodsoyuz Dmitry Vostrikov said that garlic, which is sold in Russia, 90% imported.

MOSCOW, February 5. /TASS/. Russian retail chains have no shortage of garlic in case of supply disruptions due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus in China, its supply could be replaced with imports from other countries. This point of view, the TASS was expressed by the head of Rusprodsoyuz Dmitry Vostrikov.

“At the moment in the trade networks of shortage of garlic because coronavirus is not. Deliveries are normally stable parties. In the case of a complete cessation of supplies of Chinese garlic to the Russian market, the shortfall in volumes of retail operators will try to replace with supplies from other countries,” he said.

According to Vostrikov, the garlic that is sold in Russia, 90% of import and Russian manufacturers do provide only about 10% of the domestic market of garlic. “The largest supplier of garlic to Russia is China. The volume of deliveries of this product in the first 11 months of 2019 exceeded 33.7 thousand tons and us $47,9 million, respectively. In second place for the import of garlic is Iran (6.7 thousand tons and $9.9 million, respectively), the third – Egypt (4.7 thousand tons and us $6.8 million)”, – he explained.

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The average price of garlic in retail, said the head of Rusprodsoyuz, stable and today is about 230 rubles. per kg. “Such dynamics is comparable to the average figure of the previous year”, – said the expert.

According to the General Director of group of companies “My Summer” which specializiruetsya on the production of fresh vegetables and mushrooms, Vagif Bikulov, in 2019 total imports China garlic amounted to 53 thousand tons, of this amount, about 38 thousand tonnes were supplied to the Russian market. Now, according to him, shortage of garlic in Russia and problems with its import is expected. “In the event of a disruption of Chinese supplies, it is likely that garlic from a network of shops at some time will disappear. Countries such as Egypt, Uzbekistan, Argentina or Spain could become alternative suppliers, which will also help to compensate for the imports from China,” – said the Bikulov.

According to his forecasts, the Russian production of garlic will start to grow only in 2021 “Possible problems with the supply of garlic from China can be an additional incentive for Russian producers to develop this segment,” he suggested.

Short-term suspension of deliveries will not lead to shortages, said the General Director of Agroholding “AFG national” Yuri Belov. “Some stocks of garlic in Russia has kept it well, so the short-term suspension of supplies from China (to the quarter) the country will survive fine. Substitute Chinese garlic can Iran, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, which in 2019 have increased their share in total imports. Moreover, in recent years, interest in garlic has appeared at Russian agricultural producers”, – explained TASS Belov.

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Position retail

Earlier, representatives of the retail companies Association (ACORT), Metro, Auchan and “Tape” in conversation with TASS said that do not expect a shortage of garlic in the case of restrictions on shipments from China, and hope to replace possible drop-down volumes as the supply from other countries, and by Russian farmers. In the supermarket, importing garlic mainly from China, also noted that “the company will look for opportunities to substitute Chinese garlic products from other countries.” The retailer O’key reported that exercise direct import of vegetables and fruits from China (delivery of the products are made from Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Ecuador, Argentina and other countries).

X5 Retail Group noted that currently is not experiencing difficulties with logistics. “However, we are looking for the possibility of supply from other countries to replace the Chinese garlic is similar in quality and price,” said a company representative.

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