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Heidi Klum appeared in public in the wrong outfit

Хайди Клум появилась на публике в неудачном нарядеThe model tried to combine several prints.

One of the most beautiful women in the world, 45-year-old model Heidi Klum, unfortunately, is not the happy owner of good taste and sense of style, when it comes to everyday clothes.

For important events, including celebrity almost has no equal.

But fans have noted that at times she appears in public in a completely incongruous between things that look just awful. So awful that it is time to call “Fashion police.”

This time Heidi was again published in strange gaudy dress, having made a serious mistake. Model combined in one image three different prints, which is impermissible.

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In new York airport her photographed by the paparazzi in this ridiculous Luke. The woman was wearing a warm hoodie long sleeve zipper leopard print and black soft sweatpants with a print in a white four-pointed stars. Complement all this “splendor” roomy rectangular bag with geometric black and white print, black-and-white walking shoes low-heeled and rounded black sunglasses.

However, the woman clearly was in a great mood and a dazzling smile, because she recently started a relationship with a young 29-her lover and future husband already guitarist of the German rock band Tokio Hotel Tom Kaulitz.

Хайди Клум появилась на публике в неудачном наряде

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