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How to prepare your body for autumn, expert advice

Как подготовить свой организм к осени, советы экспертов

As if we didn’t love warm Sunny days, according to the natural calendar, summer comes autumn. Many suffer a decrease in daylight and temperature decrease. Yes, even the future, in connection with the cold different cold… Doctors have developed a program that will help prepare our body for the onset of autumn cooling and prevent the autumn Blues.

1. Adjust the meal

In anticipation of autumn, it is important to consume vitamins. This will help to fill our body with nutrients and to prevent or alleviate the course of some viral infections. Therefore, eat more apples, bananas, citrus. Excellent preparation for the autumn bad weather will be drinking tea with honey, ginger and lemon. So experts advised to limit consumption of heavy and oily foods. This is due to the fact that the processing of such food the body expends a tremendous amount of power, but he needs to keep power.

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2. To change the way of life

With the decrease in daylight, you need to learn if possible go to bed earlier to sleep. So we will be able to give an opportunity to relax and it is easier to transfer the lack of light in the late autumn.

3. Clothing

Take care of your fall wardrobe in advance. Modern fashion trends allow you to purchase for yourself at the same time warm, practical and fashionable things.

Surround yourself with positive emotions, pleasant trinkets that will remind you of summer. And don’t forget to listen to your body: if he asks for rest — lie down, if possible, for at least 30 minutes and you will see your body will thank you.

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