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Ilya Yashin: “Pathetic handouts”

Илья Яшин: "Жалкие подачки"

“Yesterday in Russia it was revealed a record number of people infected with coronavirus for days. The total number of cases, our country came in third place in the world. And today Putin said that he is beginning to remove restrictive measures”, – says the head of the Krasnoselsky district of Moscow on his page in Facebook.

“At first glance, the logic in this. Typically the quarantine restrictions are removed, when the epidemic is on the decline. And we even plateau of the pandemic is not yet visible: every day according to official statistics is added at 10-11 thousand patients.

But if you look at the situation through the eyes of Putin, that logic is understandable. People one and a half months trapped in their homes, and most of the money ran out. If you extend the limits, you have to give people some funds to at least a meal a day. But it is clear that Putin has taken a principled decision not to give money.

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So one alternative: to remove the restrictions, despite the epidemic. No money? Well go and earn. I’m afraid to get sick? Wear a mask with gloves. And wash your hands often – maybe it won’t. Well, there is no way, all in God’s hands.

Yes, some pennies, the government will throw in child benefits. A few crumbs from the master’s table brushed self-employed and providers. The scale of the accumulated government reserves, the miserable handouts that are even to discuss seriously embarrassed. But on TV, of course, will present it as a large-scale support of the population.

In reality, Putin’s attitude to people remains the same: survive as long as you want.”

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