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In California we have self-driving Mercedes carcharhinidae

В Калифорнии появились беспилотные каршеринговые Mercedes

Giants Bosch and Mercedes launched a pilot project for car sharing Autonomous cars. The Germans hope that this will provide additional opportunities for the development of unmanned driving. Fully Autonomous vehicles S-Class, equipped with control systems and software by Bosch and Mercedes, already connects Western San Jose (CA, USA) and the city centre.

Bosch develops and manufactures components for unmanned movement in the city in the framework of the Alliance with Mercedes. In turn, the platform from Daimler AG Mobility allows karteninhaber services to integrate unmanned vehicles in its fleet. San Jose has provided its urban infrastructure for the pilot project to improve security, to reduce the negative impact on the environment and alleviate urban traffic.

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В Калифорнии появились беспилотные каршеринговые Mercedes

The service is available for some user groups (we call them “testers”). Book a ride on an unmanned W222 can be developed through Mobility Daimler AG app. Bosch and Mercedes hope that the test launch will help further the development of their Autonomous driving system SAE Level 4/5, as well as the integration of unmanned vehicles into the public transport system and car sharing. Preparing for the launch of the service Bosch and Mercedes-Benz were conducted from August to November in conjunction with the city authorities and public organizations in San Jose.

“We want to learn more about how Autonomous vehicles can improve safety and reduce congestion, as well as to make mobility more affordable, sustainable, and inclusive. The project of Bosch and Mercedes interconnected with ambitious goals San Jose as a “smart city” and will help us to formulate principles for working with new technologies and transportation system of the future,” Dolan says of Beckel, Director of civic innovation and digital strategy.

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В Калифорнии появились беспилотные каршеринговые Mercedes

“If unmanned driving will become a part of reality, then this technology should be reliable and safe. To do this we need to conduct such tests, as it is now in San Jose”, says Dr. Michael Fausten, head of the Department of engineering management of urban automated driving at Robert Bosch GmbH.

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