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In Paris sold the car for $ 19 million

В Париже продали автомобиль за 19 миллионов долларовAt the auction in Paris of rare Alfa Romeo Berlinetta was sold for $ 19 million.

The proud Italians woman before without hesitation called the fastest car. In 1937 on a normal road it could accelerate to 180 kilometers per hour.

Alfa Romeo Berlinetta – the car is not only beautiful and expensive, but also rare. They made only 50 copies. To date, survived only five.

However, auction organizers recognized that the rarity they had planned to obtain more than $ 20 million.

“I’m disappointed with the current sale. I had to take her to the United States. In the us market you could get for this car much more,” says the specialist in the sale of vehicles auction house Tonny van der Velden.

In fact, a year earlier, a similar Alfa Romeo sold in the U.S. for $ 20 million.

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