Sunday , April 21 2019



NASA: flies to the Earth a huge asteroid

NASA has classified the asteroid 2019 GC6 as “potentially dangerous” object. April 18, NASA astronomers have detected the approach of a large asteroid to Earth. Cosmic body, called 2019 GC6, was the size of a house came to the planet at the closest distance than any other object, flying informed. …

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A large asteroid close to Earth

The object flew to our planet closer than the distance to the moon. Dangerous and GC6 huge asteroid flew to Earth at a distance of slightly more than 200 thousand kilometers, which is almost half the distance to the moon. The asteroid was observed on 9 April. And 10 days …

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Scientists first recorded the ancient molecule

This discovery confirms the theory of the Big Bang.Astrophysics first recorded in outer space, helium hydride (HeH⁺) is the first molecular compound, which appeared after the Big Bang. This finding reiterates the modern science theory about the early development of the Universe. A few days ago, scientists succeeded and found …

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NASA launched a rocket with Ukrainian components

The Ukrainian side has fulfilled the whole complex of works on designing of the first stage rocket Antares. On the night of April 18, the American middle class carrier rocket Antares with Cygnus spacecraft launched into space. On Board the ship was a cargo for the ISS. As reported to …

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In Romania have discovered a prehistoric crocodile-monster

The skull is preserved in excellent condition. Paleontologists from Romania found ancient animal, which was a relative of the modern crocodile. Fossils have been found in the region Haaga. Scientists found the fossilized skull of the animal. As it turned out. crocodile skull belongs to the view Aprosuchus ghirai. The …

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Scientists have confirmed the existence of “portals”

The results of the study will be presented before the end of April. “Wormholes” may exist, but they are useless. To this conclusion, as reported by the Daily Mail, came a group of scientists from Harvard. Wormholes – “tunnels” in space. Their existence allows for the General theory of relativity, …

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NASA is going to destroy the asteroid with a spacecraft

Services SpaceX to launch the DART will cost NASA just $61 million. Private company SpaceX won the NASA contract for the first launch of the DART spacecraft who must destroy potentially dangerous for the Earth asteroids. NASA signed a contract with the missile company SpaceX on the launch of the …

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About Oxford have discovered an unusual grave

In England found dozens of skeletons. Dozens of skeletons of the Neolithic period, including the skeletons of people who may become victims of human sacrifice, was discovered almost 3000 years of settlement in Britain. Were found the remains of 26 people of iron age and Roman. Scientists have found including …

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