Thursday , July 2 2020



Scientists explain the popularity of “Game of thrones”

In the “Game of thrones” everyone can find a character. Scientists from Frankfurt University of applied Sciences explained the popularity of “Game of thrones”. In their opinion, the success formula of the series consists of engagement, curiosity and fear. In the “Game of thrones” everyone can find a character with …

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In Britain found the largest Roman treasure

The coins were buried around 307 ad. In the UK, near the village of Rosby in Lincolnshire archaeologists have discovered the largest trove of Roman coins Dating from the IV century ad. As reports the Archaeology News Network, this is the largest hoard of Roman coins ever found in Britain. …

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NASA plans to send a woman to the moon

The mission has already received the name “Artemis”. The space Agency NASA continues to tell details about the upcoming mission at the space flight. It is known that in 2024, the Agency wants to land on the moon two astronauts. Interestingly, the astronauts will both sexes – a man and …

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NASA chose the name of the American lunar program

Now it’s the name of the program to return to the moon by 2024. NASA said that the U.S. lunar program will be called “Artemis”. “Artemis: twin sister of Apollo and goddess of the moon. Now it’s the name of our program for the return of NASA astronauts on the …

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Found another “missing link” in the evolution of birds

Among paleontologists there is no agreement on how and why the ancestors of birds acquired feathers and wings. Paleontologists found next to the remains of the famous Archaeopteryx imprints of the body of another ancient bird who could fly. Its opening proved that the ancestors of modern birds have mastered …

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The Earth was a powerful magnetic storm

Storm fifth points are extremely rare. On planet Earth was the largest magnetic storm in the last two years. Scientist connects natural phenomenon with the increased activity of the Sun. Bogachev noted that the magnetic storm has the third level on a scale. “Storm fifth points are extremely rare, once …

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On the Ground recorded a powerful magnetic storm

A similar strength storm, according to experts, was not observed for quite a long time. Scientists from the laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN recorded on Tuesday, may 14, powerful for half a year magnetic storm that struck Earth. Took her to the third-level categories. This is stated …

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The moon continues to cool and shrink

Scientists have recorded seismic activity on the moon. Researchers have shown that the Moon shrinks after compared the results of modern photography and seismograph data of the Apollo missions in 1960s-1970s years. But, as said study co-author Nicholas Smarr, a geologist from the University of Maryland, is not a cause …

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At the bottom of the Mariana trench discovered plastic

Scientists plan to test whether the substance, specimens of which they collected, of microplastics. American researchers found plastic debris on the ocean floor while setting the record for the deepest dive. He spent four hours exploring the bottom of the basin. The researcher discovered sea creatures, and also found a …

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