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Instagram is testing the function of hiding the number of likes

Instagram тестирует функцию скрытия количества лайков Instagram want to followers focused on what we do, and not on the number of likes for it.

Instagram, the social network is testing a feature hidden likes. In the future no one but the author will not be able to see how many people liked the post.

“Instagram wants that your subscribers are focused on what you are doing, not on how many likes your posts get,” says the specialist for reverse-engineering Jane Wang, who first discovered a new feature.

In Instagram state that has not officially tested the function of hidden likes, but think about how to reduce the pressure on users of the social network.

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With the help of hidden Instagram likes plans to protect the youngest of Internet users, the identity of which is the number of open likes has a great effect.

Option hidden likes may seriously affect the functionality of Instagram. With its help, users begin to pay more attention to the number of subscribers and comments.

Thus razed the huskies continue to affect the position of posts in algorithmic tape.

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