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It turned out what disease scare the Russians the most

The Russians have called the diseases that we fear the most. The rating of fear topped cancer, stroke and HIV. “High position of stroke and heart attack is understandable, because these are the most common causes of death in our country”, — TASS quoted the head of the project “Health …

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“Great” Soviet Union without pads for women

So, friends — today will be another post about the “charms of life” in the Soviet Union. As you probably already know — fans of the USSR usually like to praise this country, sticking out in the form of achievements there are all sorts of space rockets, which (as I …

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The three stages of human aging

Scientists have divided the processing into three stages. The study was published in the medical journal Nature Medicine. It is noted that the first stage aging occurs in 34 years, the second at 60, third at 78. Such division is explained by shifts in proteins the liquid portion of blood …

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Miroslava Duma is dying from lung disease

A few hours ago the famous journalist and fashionista announced a fatal diagnosis. The girl reported that doctors took her only seven months, after which the World is fully changed his views on life. “I realized how much I love life, how beautiful our world is and how much I …

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Why do we need a psychiatrist?

Yesterday I came across an interesting post from Tina Kandelaki. It would seem, extremely energetic, strong, opinionated woman, bursting with health and energy should not write about such things, but that’s the point. In the post Kandelaki says that we are all in a certain trap at the information so …

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