Friday , April 3 2020
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In Israel, the coronavirus has infected the Minister of health

Yaakov litzman, head of the health Ministry of Israel has contracted the coronavirus. For coronavirus Covid-19 there are no barriers, neither social nor racial nor geographical. Another confirmation of this came from the Holy land. In Israel contracted the Minister of health Yaakov litzman. It is officially confirmed in the …

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USA has set a record – ahead of all in number of infected

The United States has set a terrible record: the number of cases in the United States has reached a frightening level. Scientists from Johns Hopkins University conducted a study and found that estimated in the United States now 85 thousand infected and their number is growing rapidly. Thus America overtook …

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Don’t come on reception to the doctor if needed

The who declared a pandemic due to coronavirus infection. Every day the number of infected and dead. Who is updating recommendations for the public on its website In a pandemic, we all like dominoes lined up and transmit the energy of the fall. Most of us, when sick, will transfer …

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In Russia per day has registered 33 new cases of coronavirus

The day in Russia was 33 cases of coronavirus, the total number of infected rose to 147, according to oberstab. New cases attended unfavorable for the coronavirus in the country in the last two weeks, reports RIA “Novosti”. “All hospitalized in infectious boxes. Results were confirmed in the prescribed manner”, …

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