Sunday , June 7 2020
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In Roskoshestvo warned about the toxins in vegetables and fruits

Experts Roskoshestvo warned consumers about the toxins and poisons that may be contained in vegetables and fruits. The announcement was published on the website of Roskoshestvo June 3. For example, in potatoes with “green barrels” contains solanine, the use of which can cause severe poisoning, vomiting and hallucinations. In the …

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Kadyrov explained why his hand was a medical catheter

During yesterday’s meeting of the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus in Chechnya on the hand of the head of Republic Ramzan Kadyrov was a medical catheter, it got to the footage of the TV channel GTRK “Grozny”, later the story was removed, but a fragment published “Novaya Gazeta”. …

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Coronavirus particularly dangerous for smokers

Smokers COVID-19 most severe, reported by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. According to data published on the website of the Department, cigarette smoke worsens lung function, because of this the body harder to fight respiratory disease caused by coronavirus. “In the case of infection threatens smokers at …

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Scientists said nezaleznosti recover from COVID-19 people

Survivors coronavirus people are not contagious to others even if the test revealed the presence of COVID-19, reports Bloomberg. Scientists conducted a study of 285 recovered from coronavirus who test still gave a positive result. The specialists found that survivors pose no threat in terms of infection. According to the …

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Coronavirus is especially dangerous for hypertensive patients

During a pandemic COVID-19 people with diseases of vessels and heart are in the high risk group, as reported by the main non-staff cardiologist of the healthcare Ministry of Russia Sergey Fighters. The article, with its warnings and recommendations released today on the Agency’s website. “Very quickly after the start …

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