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Named products, accelerating the process of weight loss

A good metabolism is not possible without vitamins and minerals, because it is important that even while dieting diet was balanced, with enough vitamins and minerals. Metabolism depends on thyroid gland function, therefore it is very important to monitor her condition and to undergo regular screening of the specialist, and …

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Doctors told how chocolate affects hearing

Eating chocolate can be very useful for people in middle age. It helps to prevent the characteristic hearing loss and occurrence of tinnitus. The quality of the chocolate was identified by scientists from South Korea. Their work reported on the website of the scientific journal Nutrients. Before you make a …

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Advantages of Zirconia crowns

The problem with the teeth touched each of us at least once in your life. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of ideal state of the teeth, especially the elderly. There are times when a tooth or several teeth fall out, injured or struggling as a result of injury. Of course, …

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Experts have called the ideal month to conceive children

Scientists conducted a study, which found that the health of the child more than 50% depending on the month of conception and birth. Scientists from the University of Princeton for many years studied the problem of pain of the newborn babies. They noticed that children born in certain seasons of …

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Named the best spices for weight loss

Spices can help you lose weight. Nutrition plays an important role in losing weight. Including for this purpose you can use different spices. What kind of seasonings are great for weight loss: Cinnamon This seasoning is No. 1 in the list of spices that are perfect for weight loss. Per …

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Doctors have called an unusual risk factor for heart disease

An interesting study conducted in Sweden. Cardiovascular diseases are more likely to suffer people who have suffered emotional stress at a younger age. A team of experts from Sweden figured out how anorexia affects the development of cardiovascular diseases. According to who estimates, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of …

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Can I sell energy to a minor?

Alcohol is sold only to adults — everyone knows the seller in any store. But with energy there are difficulties: not everyone understands, what category of goods are those drinks, what age they are allowed to buy. Sometimes energy in analogy to sell alcohol is only 18 years old, where …

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