Monday , August 10 2020
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Pharmacy in Moscow was sold “for the cure of the coronavirus” and panacea from the dead reptiles

The management of the private homeopathic pharmacies on Mosfilmovskaya street brought to administrative responsibility for gross violations of licensing requirements for pharmaceutical activity. As reported on the website of Roszdravnadzor in Moscow and Moscow region, the pharmacy sold medicine that was supposed to help patients to avoid infection with coronavirus. …

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Ivan Safronov in jail “right back”

Detained on suspicion of treason, a former journalist and adviser to the head of “Roscosmos” Ivan Safronov visited in “Lefortovo” the members of the PMC of Moscow, among whom was our commentator. According to Safronov, in jail him “right back”. Ivan Safronov in jail looking better and better. Apparently, the …

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In Mongolia, the bubonic plague died a teenager

In Mongolia in the aimag (provinces) of Govi-Altay from the bubonic plague died 15-the summer teenager, says the Agency Xinhua , citing the Ministry of health of the country. “Test result of PCR showed that the cause of death of 15-year-old boy has become the bubonic plague” — are the …

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Food Corporation guarantees poor health

The documentary film “What is health”, showed that life and health are irrelevant, and even threaten the profits of meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. Very difficult to believe in the corporate contempt, disclosed this movie. This movie also showed that our “dear” Supervisory Agency, as a non-profit, and government, take …

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Useful for prevention of influenzal disease

Due to the increasing in China and other countries of the world the next epidemic the next latter-day kind of flu would like to share with respected by visitors of the website is very good , simple and proven over several years of practice prevention of influenza disease . It …

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Don’t freak out! How stress changes the brain

This may seem surprising, but many people underestimate the danger of stress. Meanwhile, a number of studies on both animals and humans shows that stress has a negative impact not only on cardiovascular system but on the brain. According to the results of a new study conducted at the health …

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Rospotrebnadzor does not recommend to take children shopping

Children are better left at home to reduce the risk of infection. This is stated in the new guidelines from the CPS. The document also noted that children need fresh air, observing safety precautions. However, during active movements, especially in hot weather, mask quickly hydrated and stops working. Therefore, the …

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Begun clinical trials of a vaccine against COVID-19

38 people agreed to test a vaccine against coronavirus for yourself. Clinical tests began today of two Moscow clinics. The specialists will study the effects on the body two forms of the vaccine is a liquid and dehydrated. The vaccine in the form of a solution for intramuscular injection will …

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