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Scientists: intense heat affects the brain

American experts revealed that hot weather affects the cognitive functions of the human brain. These data were obtained in result of conducted research, which was triggered by a lack of air-conditioning systems. Work, using intellectual abilities capable of extremely complicated if it occurs along with the hot weather conditions that …

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Which juice helps to remain young?

Experts from the United States of America has determined what juice to drink to people who have problems with the cardiovascular system. Scientists say about beet juice, which has amazing properties: it is a great purifier of the circulatory system and supports the work of the heart and blood vessels. …

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Full people longer have the flu

It turned out that people are overweight not just longer sick with the flu, but transfer it much harder and are more contagious than people of normal weight, say us scientists. Scientists from the University of Michigan were the first who thought about the subject of body weight and the …

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Called harm to all types of meat

Scientists from the research Institute at children’s hospital in Oakland (USA) found that red and white meat equally raise the level of cholesterol in the blood, contrary to popular belief. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress. According to the researchers, the use of any type of meat …

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Intermittent fasting fights type 2 diabetes

Scientists have organized a rather interesting experiment, by which found out that intermittent fasting, which leads to some changes in lifestyle, can fight type II diabetes. The study volunteers took place over nine months, it helped to establish that fasting with diabetes has become an effective preventive measure. “Respondents who …

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Hypnosis effectively treats headache

Hypnosis has become an effective method in the fight against headache, tell the Italian experts. Palliative patients, according to scientists from the University of Verona, felt much better when she was in therapy with hypnosis. “We organized a study on two groups of patients and our assumptions were confirmed: patients …

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