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Doctors told about the main benefits of grapes

It helps to strengthen cells and rejuvenating effect. In grape seeds contain vitamins A, E and K, as well as natural oils. All of these substances contribute to the strengthening of the cells and a rejuvenating effect. But berry stands there with bones, then they will do the most good. …

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Red meat does not cause cancer, diabetes and heart disease

For that year, the dispute between supporters and opponents of red meat. The Kingdom calls people to reduce the share of red meat in the diet. Meanwhile, scientists who have completed research with the involvement of millions of volunteers, came to the conclusion that this should not be. Who is …

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The harmful and useful sort of bread

The variety of varieties and types of bread, sometimes, my head is spinning. What is only seen on the shelves in the store: grain, wheat, yeast-free, buckwheat, pita, lavash, tortilla… are they All healthy? No matter how strong the love of bread, some varieties and types best eaten with caution, …

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To forget to not remember

The girl from Illinois every two hours the memory is erased. She wakes up every morning thinking that today is June 11. In that ill-fated day with her was a terrible tragedy. 16-year-old Riley Horner accidentally struck on the head at the school dance. Then her brain automatically “resets” every …

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Chinese scientists have found a way to defeat aging

Chinese scientists came to the conclusion that the fruit of the Arhat is able to slow the aging process in the body. “Enhances stem cells, rejuvenates the blood” – said in the study about the properties of the fruit. A detailed study was published in The American journal of Chinese …

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The popularity of the gluten-free diet decreases

With each passing day, the popularity of gluten-free diets is reduced. Meanwhile, grain prices remain at a disadvantage because of the huge number of diets involving a reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates, writes World-Grain. Recently, the managers of the two companies – The Ginger Network and Grain Foods Foundation …

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The evening of 10 September, Apple held a presentation of new devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, also introduced new services. And though the event was waiting for, but it’s one thing — boring.   First briefly about the end of the presentation. Was presented the updates of …

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