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Men vs. women: Who is harder to tolerate the flu

Scientist of family medicine of Memorial University of Newfoundland Kyle sue reviewed several studies about how respiratory infections are transferred men and women. This helped to determine that the males do have a weaker immune response to the virus, so the symptoms they are not exaggerating. Also, the scientist added, …

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Professional treatment of joint mud

Unfortunately, not all diseases of the joints can be cured once and for all. For some illnesses, experts have been unable to create an effective drug. However, modern techniques have helped to develop unique ways that support the health of the patient and acumen debilitating disease of the joints. To …

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How to prepare your body for autumn, expert advice

As if we didn’t love warm Sunny days, according to the natural calendar, summer comes autumn. Many suffer a decrease in daylight and temperature decrease. Yes, even the future, in connection with the cold different cold… Doctors have developed a program that will help prepare our body for the onset …

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Unique drugs from the deer antlers enhance health and prolong life

The right choice of their market niches, sometimes unique, is for later business success value is not less than other factors. Even if this niche is very narrow. With good marketing and advertising this business can collect in one place all interested consumer — reports “КазахЗерно.kz”. The newspaper “Liter” reported …

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The doctors gave advice on visiting the baths

The bath may be as health treatment, and harmful, able to cause harm. So, the most common ailment in the rules of visiting the steam is heat stroke. As told the chief doctor of the Moscow regional station of emergency medical service Oleg Kakurin, it is important not to confuse …

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Non-existent diseases, which are imposed on us doctors

Among the huge diversity of diagnoses, very often there are also such, which in nature simply does not exist. By the way, abroad doctors about our”diagnoses” have never even heard of, and here they are with “success” being treated. 1. Chronic fatigue syndrome Well, tell me, who among us hasn’t …

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