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Named the main danger of sunscreen

The study involved 24 volunteers. American experts conducted a study and found that the sunscreen is harmful to health. The warning was published by the Office for quality control of food and drug administration (FDA). The study involved 24 volunteers, whose average age was 35 years. Participants in the week …

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What are moles most dangerous, was told by the dermatologist

Pigmented formations on the body can under certain conditions become dangerous. Famous dermatologist of Poletaev A. G. told what moles can cause harm. According to Professor of medicine, the most dangerous birthmark that appeared on the body. Compared to these formations, congenital moles (nevi) are much less likely to create …

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Suprun said, the brown sugar

About this, the acting Minister of health wrote in his Facebook. In favor of fructose you can often hear this argument: it does not cause sharp insulin spike. It’s true. That is why products with this carbohydrate eat people with diabetes. But in other people’s excessive consumption of fructose can …

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Drinking protein shakes can reduce life expectancy

The demand for protein shakes is significantly increased. Among athletes and supporters HLS protein shakes are very popular, but scientists have established that passion in this product affects the life expectancy. Recently on the wave of interest in healthy lifestyles and sports the demand for protein shakes is significantly increased. …

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Antiseptic or soap: which is better kills bacteria

What’s the best destroys the bacteria.Destroy bacteria – it is about the antiseptic gels, sprays and wipes. Such funds are with the onset of the season of picnics and travel relevant again. Experts conducted an experiment to test the effect of such hygiene. With the help of family volunteers, specialists …

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Debunked popular myths about weight loss

Four popular myths that used for weight loss. The best diet is an empty fridge, thought of our grandmothers, but there are methods that with the help of good nutrition just do not leave the chance of unwanted pounds, important not to overdo it. These slimming methods are very popular …

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