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What is neuralgia and how is it treated?

Very often you can hear from some patients that the doctors had diagnosed neuralgia. What is this disease? Which group it belongs and how to treat it? Neuralgia is a peripheral nerve lesion. The main symptom of this disease is frequent bouts of severe pain in the region, the so-called …

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Named disease, in which the effective turmeric

A popular item in folk medicine. One of the most popular spices and the main ingredient of curry, turmeric turns out to be the most useful product on the planet. It has so many medicinal properties that was the reason of writing more than 6 thousand scientific articles. Adding this …

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Laser removal of papillomas

Papilloma — benign, the emergence of which contributes to virus infection in combination with low immunity. Therefore it is important not only to keep but also to undergo treatment, which will help prevent their further spread. If you have the slightest suspicion about the nature of tumors, the doctor directs …

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Named vegetable that helps protect the body from aging

Tasty and healthy. Regular use of the usual cabbage cleanses the body of toxic substances and protects it from accelerated aging. “Cabbage contains substances that enhance the liver’s ability to cleanse the body from various toxins. When chewing cabbage forms a substance sulforaphane, which is a great detox and protects …

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Doctors told how to cleanse the body of pesticides

Pesticides, when they enter the body, accumulate and are stored in fats, they can stay in the body for a long time. Most of us eat commercially grown fruits and vegetables in some period of our lives. Because they are contaminated with pesticides, if you can afford it, always choose …

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Named harmful components of toothpaste

Not all pastas have the same effect on health. To items of daily use should be taken seriously and to carefully to choose them. For example, even toothpaste may contribute to dental problems, if it will be aggressive components. 1. Triclosan First it was the pesticide. Now we are asked …

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Debunked popular myths about kefir

We have heard that yogurt is useful, but what happens to our bodies in the frequent use of this product, few people know. Yogurt is a traditional product of our diet and is a powerful digestive stimulant. The main useful property of fermented milk beverage that contains beneficial lactic acid …

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Named popular spice that can increase the pressure

Hypertension threatens to stroke. High blood pressure or hypertension is threatened stroke. All natural methods of treatment should be used only after consultation with your doctor. A regular physical activity. In order to thoroughly reduce blood pressure, it is necessary to increase the functionality of the heart. Thus, our main …

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