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What a mess with food?

I was here recently for the first time visited the shop, something tasty I wanted. I bought so of cheese (450 R/kg) nectar “My family” (65 rubles), dumplings for 300 rubles 800 grams (not going to write here brands, local manufacturer), sausages 150 rubles for 400 grams and whatnot and …

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Scientists have developed a universal cure for all types of cancer

Experts of one of the Norwegian universities was established that used for the fight against cancer kidney drug called “axitinib” might successfully be used to treat other kinds of cancer. Experts of one of the Norwegian universities was established that used for the fight against cancer kidney drug called “axitinib” …

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Named the main danger of skipping visits to the doctors

Patients with serious diseases risking much by skipping visits to doctors. On 14 January, the newspaper writes N+1 with reference to the journal BMC Medicine. According to the study, researchers from the University of Glasgow, the patients with mental disorders missed during the year two visits to the doctor or …

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Alcohol addiction – a disease that should be treated

Alcoholism has long been a serious problem for mankind. Drink everything: from small to large, not wanting to think about the consequences. Bringing irreparable harm to themselves, a drinker does not think about how his alcoholism affects the family and loved ones. Their entreaties about how to quit drinking, care …

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First aid for snakebite

In the campaign, even the most simple, anything can happen, for example, You or a member of Your team can bite the snake. Any self-respecting camper should know how to identify a snake bite and first aid in this situation. Yes, at first glance, it seems that the possibility of …

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How to get the speck out of the eye properly

In any place and at any time, no matter on the street whether You are outdoors or in the office, You can be a nuisance. You can get speck, or, for example, Midge. Foreign body sensation in the eye is not only discomfort, but actual danger. Eyes – in General …

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How to pull fish hook from a finger?

The situation when a fisherman catches himself on the hook, comical and is found in many movies. However, it happens in real life. Even seasoned fishermen are not immune from this. What to say about the green newbies that even a rod in his hands can not keep. Seriously, when …

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