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Why you need to remove waxy build-up?

Most of the systems of the human body have the function of self-purification. Nature has taken care to ensure that such a mechanism was present in the hearing. The accumulation of lumps of secrets glands and dead skin particles epithelium is moved from the membrane, appearing at the output of …

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Nutritionists revealed the truth about sweeteners

Very often the wish to lose weight try to eat as little sugar as possible, replacing it with different sweeteners. About, so harmless to human body, say the nutritionists. All are divided into natural sweeteners (fructose, sorbitol, xylitol) and synthetic (aspartame, saccharin, cyclamate). Giving a feeling of sweet products and …

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Bottled water no better than tap

Doctors more insistent recommend a day to drink 2 — 2.5 liters of clean drinking water because it promotes weight loss, improve digestion and condition the skin, hair, nails, and also lowers blood pressure, reports the Agency “КазахЗерно.kz”. These are all useful for the organism properties sound attractive and motivate …

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The myth about “Soviet natural products”

    So, friends, today will be a post-exposure of the most beloved myth of all lovers of the USSR , that the USSR was some kind of “surnaturelle” and “quality” of Soviet products, which is not even close to similar all modern. In proof of this fact fans of …

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Nuts – a delicious cure for old age

The doctors suggested a simple way to stay young soul. Only a handful of nuts a day will help significantly improve the health of the brain – the conclusion made by scientists from Australia. The researchers analyzed how the consumption of nuts affects cognitive function, by actually observing the almost …

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Small doses of alcohol are good for the brain

Experts from the United States of America proved that in a small amount of alcoholic drinks can have a beneficial impact on the human brain. It turned out that such “therapy” several times reduces the risks of developing Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Recall that none of these diseases could …

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In the body teenagers there is a steady concentration of plastic

Experts conducted an interesting experiment that led scientists to no less interesting, but dangerous conclusions. As it turned out, the body 86 percent of Teens have a dangerous concentration of plastic. The authors were scientists from the United States of America. They say that discovered the component of plastic is …

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