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Identified 7 main signs of cancer

Research staff from the cancer centre Macmillan at the University hospital in London spoke about the seven warning signs that should cause a person to go to the doctor. Modern medicine is able to prevent four out of ten cases of cancer disease, but you need time to make the …

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7 symptoms that you can stop your heart

The whole country knows that in the night from the second to the third of February there was a cardiac arrest, a popular Russian rapper Detsela. The young actor died at the age of 35. It would seem that at such a young age shouldn’t even think about heart or …

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The doctors listed fruits, normalizing blood pressure

Fruit is a great choice for these purposes. Bananas, avocado, papaya, coconut water, British experts called the fruit, which proved to be an effective anti-hypertensive medication. According to experts, rich in trace elements sweet fruits help to reduce blood pressure. As scholars have noted, a boon for hypertensive patients could …

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Named the most effective methods of “home” slimming

How to achieve the best resultNutritionists recommend to use all methods simultaneously in order to achieve the best result. There is a maximum number of techniques of weight loss, but they are all based on diets and regular workouts. Although nutritionists have taken care of those people who have no …

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Called a simple way to eat less sweet

The rejection of sugar is a good way to lose weight. Nutritionists gave some advice on how to opt out of eating sweets. Large amounts of sugar will not benefit anyone. Nutritionists gave some advice on how to opt out of eating sweets. The first step is cessation of eating …

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Doctors told how to check for immunity to measles

The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets. Measles is an acute viral disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets. The probability to get sick when meeting with a carrier of the virus is 95-100%. The only effective remedy for measles is vaccination. Measles is a dangerous disease that can lead …

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Nutritionists told me how to eat right after a workout

Special attention should be paid to the dinner. When we start training to do fitness to improve the shape and maintaining health is one of the main issues is getting the construction power supply. That healthier to eat after a workout, says nutritionist, sports nutritionist, certified fitness trainer FPA Tatyana …

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Doctors told, what can cause the flu

The flu can lead to strokeThe flu by 40% increases the chance of encountering a stroke, the study showed. Moreover, this increased risk persists for more than a year. Flu more than 40% increases the probability of stroke, and this risk persists for more than one year, as found by …

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