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Nutritionist told, who should not use flax seeds

Fashionable product can be harmful.Trendy diet product flax seeds are extremely healthy, however, there are contraindications for their application. This was told by famous nutritionist Svetlana FUS in his Instagram account, revealing the truth about the benefits and harms. “It is important to remember that the seeds lose some nutrients …

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It became known as the TV affects the brain of elderly people

It turned out that watching TV reduces cognitive ability. Long TV viewing leads to lower cognitive abilities in the elderly. To such conclusion scientists from University College London. The researchers analyzed data from more than 3.5 thousand people aged 50 years and older. Participants in the experiment listened to the …

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Became known, when to train better for quick weight loss

For weight loss need to train in the evening and not morning.Physical activity after work in the fight against obesity more effective than a morning workout. These results were obtained by Australian researchers. Quite often, the experts argue about exactly what kinds of cardio is most useful in the fight …

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Named the most dangerous to the liver alcoholic drinks

It is important to know when to stop in alcohol. One of the most harmful habits – alcohol, is dangerous because leads to addiction. In addition, entering the body, guaranteed and slowly damages many organs in our body. In addition, alcohol addiction, deteriorating relations with society, resulting alcoholics eventually become …

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Priapism: a male nightmare

Priapism: a male nightmare Once I went to the editor, and directly opposite me sat is not a marginal view of a middle-aged man. Elegantly dressed, with traces of intelligence on a very nice freshly shaved face. Discordant with the above idyll only one thing – uncle painful frowned sadly …

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Fracture: symptoms and diagnosis

Often on the Internet you can meet a lot of thematic portals of a medical nature, which narrowly spetsializiruyutsya in a particular direction. It is possible to get a lot of information about all kinds of injuries of the skeletal system. Consider the most common of them is broken. A …

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Doctors told how magnesium affects the body

This element is vital. Magnesium is involved in many important processes of our body such as digestion, energy metabolism, cell creation, muscle work, support of the required level of calcium in the blood. In addition, magnesium is essential for proper functioning of the kidneys, heart muscle, nervous system and brain. …

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