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Disclosed the main reason competition in women

It is generally accepted that the female gender is weak and not ready to compete on equal terms with men for a place under the sun. Scientists have determined, due to which women can compete. Experts believe that the best motivation for the fair sex are children. An international team …

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As retweets in social networks affect memory

The button “repost” in social networks leads to regression of the brain.Scientists from Cornell and Peking universities through joint research studies have found the harm to scientific and technical progress by creating “cognitive overload” is applied retweets in microblogging service. The results of the experiment were published in the journal …

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Scientists have explained why people turn gray

Control over the work of melanocytes carry out the EdnrB receptors and Wnt signaling pathway.Research staff at new York University have uncovered the reason for the formation of gray hair. During the study, which was conducted on the stem cells of melanocytes, are able to produce the pigment melanin, it …

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The best foods for a snack before bed

TOP 15 foods that you can eat even at night.There is a quite popular way to lose weight, which are used by those who do not want to bother with complicated diets: don’t eat after six o’clock in the evening. Or seven, as you like. The main thing — to …

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Five tasty foods that can cause cancer

5 delicious provocateurs of cancer.You may not sit on a hard diet, but just have to avoid these foods if you want to be healthy and avoid cancer. Soda Sweet carbonated water contains many colors, flavors and other harmful substances. Sweetener, aspartam, which is often used in these drinks contributes …

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Best Breakfast for cleansing the body

6 products with the detox effect.Eating Breakfast certain foods which have a detoxifying effect, helps to gently cleanse the body. Green teaReplace your usual Cup of coffee green tea, which, thanks to its high content of catechin, help maintain a healthy liver and help detoxify the body. OatmealWhole grains improve …

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What can you eat with unwashed vegetables and fruits

Eight most dangerous parasites living on the fruits and vegetables that are in meat. All have long known that, if before eating do not wash fruits and vegetables, you can earn a lot of problems. Experts have identified about 24 of the most dangerous parasites. But we will look at …

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Safe for health breaking the fast: the basic rules

The experts gave seven tips on how to properly break the fast. After 40 days of strict fasting, when it was necessary to refrain from eating meat and dairy, you really want to try everything at once. But in this case the doctors habitually give the same advice – do …

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