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The basic principles of the eight-hour diet

There is a eight-hour diet, in which is allowed to eat anything. There is a eight-hour diet, in which it is allowed is, without exception, and then actively to do exercises or spending time at the gym. After all, almost everyone (and most likely each of us wants to lose …

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What dangers await avid fans of gadgets

Many gadget lovers lurk serious dangers about which you should know. Clearly, what our time dictates certain conditions, when without gadgets is simply not enough. But it is also important to understand that their excessive use is significantly spoils the quality of sleep and harms mental health. Among our contemporaries, …

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Identify the key signs of low protein in the body

There are five of the most striking signs by which one can determine the lack of protein in your body. Each of us knows how important it is to systematically replenish stocks of nutrients, vitamin and minerals in our body. But how to understand, what exactly are we missing? Because …

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Became known the most dangerous for children, household chemicals

Experts have called household chemicals, which can not be kept in the house where there are children. American scientists, after analyzing the various situations involving exposure to detergents to children, could be called the most dangerous tools. Scientists turned their attention to the challenges that came two years to the …

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Experts explain why men cheating on good women

It became known, what is the use of male infidelity. Evolutionary biologists from Binghamton University (USA) conducted a survey of 6 thousand women from 96 different countries and found out how to change the lives of respondents after infidelity partner. As it turned out, initially most of the women felt …

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The doctors explained why you should sleep naked

Experts told the benefits of sleep without clothes. Sleep in a cool room helps to lose weight as the metabolism in the body is accelerated to keep warm. In addition, this sleep reduces the risk of diabetes and other metabolic disorders, reports the Deccan Chronicle. According to an international survey …

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The best products for the prevention of atherosclerosis

14 familiar food to protect from atherosclerosis.To protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis do not have to use complex multi-component tools. You can just more likely to eat familiar foods. 1. Cabbage.Drink the juice of fresh leaves half a Cup for 15 minutes before eating. 2. Pumpkin.Drink the juice of raw …

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Five habits that hinder productive work

These bad habits prevents us from working effectively.Despite the fact that we often are sure to demonstrate the real effectiveness we prevent the circumstances, experts are sure: the most common thing ourselves! Professor of psychology and rector of the University of southern California Wendy wood sure, that the reason of …

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