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That it is strictly forbidden to do after a tick bite

In the season of revelry mites experts warn against the four most common mistakes that people make when trying to settle them. If the tick managed and still was on your body, do not panic. As not to make wrong steps that actively promote Housewives and all-knowing old woman under …

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Why is the flu especially dangerous for the elderly

The experts explained why the flu is especially dangerous in old age. According to doctors, older people who become ill with the flu, quite often die from the fact that they have destroyed the body’s defenses, not because of the virus itself. It showed a new study conducted by researchers …

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People’s ways of getting rid of the tumor

In the life of every man there were some unpleasant moments when he was faced with the problem of swelling or tumor. In addition, any tumor or swelling quite aesthetically pleasing looks, their appearance on the body usually accompanied by unpleasant sensations of pain, itching. In standard conditions the swelling …

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Eight major signs of unhealthy kidneys

Specialists distinguish eight main signs of damaged kidneys. It is worth mentioning that in our body have 2 kidneys, each approximately the size of a fist. They are located just below the rib cage. The kidneys can withstand a lot of stress – every day they filter 120-150 liters of …

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The best way to determine body temperature

Body temperature: when it hit and where it is the most accurate. Body temperature has a lot to tell and it is important to know, in which case it should hit and how to measure it. She is one of the main indicators of the condition of the body. And …

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Why should you refuse tattoos: ten reasons

Experts cite at least ten reasons not to do a tattoo.Every person the master of your body. As Osip Mandelstam wrote “Given my body – what do I do with him So single and so my?”. To this question our contemporary answers in their own way. And some take the …

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