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Scientists told how frequent sex affect relationships

Marital happiness does not depend on the frequency of sex. The researchers analyzed how the partners often engaged in sex are satisfied with family relationships. A recent study demonstrated that the relationship between the frequency of sexual relations of spouses and satisfaction with family life does not exist. The only …

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Named bath recipes cellulite and before a date

Baths on all occasions: five of the best recipes for beauty and mood. How often we need to relax or, conversely, to be collected and that is called, fully armed. For example, after returning from work tired and in a bad mood, want to relax and regain a sense of …

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Strengthens the immune system: wise advice, time-tested

That encourages folk medicine to strengthen the immune system. If systematically and properly to take folk remedy to enhance immunity, the result will not keep itself waiting long. It is important to understand that the immunity is quite a complex multistep mechanism that protects our body from bacterial and viral …

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Stomach problems can be eliminate these simple exercises

There are quite simple exercises that effectively help to avoid stomach problems. There are several exercises, doing that you can avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract, to improve their condition in functional dyspepsia. In order to be visible, you need to do gymnastics for the internal organs 3-5 times a …

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Lose weight 10 kg in 10 days with diet of astronauts

This diet refers to a fairly hard but good its a guaranteed quick effect. Many people ask why the diet is called “astronauts”? This is explained as follows – this is one of the most complex, long and extreme diets that is as heavy as the preparation for the space …

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Cleansing the kidneys with baths and healing fees

If you suffer from pain in the kidneys, it can be made easier by using the following ways. For starters, experts advise to exclude from the diet of fatty, fried, smoked, and practically all sweets. It is recommended to not drink more than two liters per day so as not …

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Cocktails for the normalization of the pancreas

How to improve pancreas – there are tested and effective recipes for natural cocktails. When pain occurs in the upper quadrant – pancreas it lets you know about problems in its functioning. It is in our body behind the stomach and is responsible for the production of gastric juices for …

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Product that will cleanse your body

Cleansing the body with rice – this is a very effective method. Preventive cleaning of rice is useful for strengthening the health of the procedure. For preventive cleansing of the body takes many tablespoons of rice, how old you are. Grain, rinse well and place in a glass jar. Pour …

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Peppermint oil will save your hair

Peppermint oil can be added to shampoo or conditioner and use it at least 4 consecutive weeks. If you have unsuccessfully tried all products intended to stimulate hair growth, try to use peppermint oil. It can also help to protect from hair loss, as experts say. Unless the hair loss …

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