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Named brand threat to the health of the chicken

Expert centre of the Union of consumers “Roskontrol” examined the femur of broiler chickens and concluded that most of the samples studied are hazardous to health. This is stated in the results of the study, which came to edition”.ru”. In General, the experts tested the products in six brands: “Troekurovo”, …

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Why today women are more likely to dream about sex.

“A new study has shown that today women are more likely to dream about sex than 50 years ago, reports the Austrian newspaper Kurier. – What role in this is feminism?”. “For the new study, the researchers of the University of Freiburg 2907 interviewed people aged from 16 to 92 …

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Swimming in the sea can cause serious diseases

Experts from Exeter University, which is located in England, were able to prove that people who often swim in open marine waters, often have different health problems. Modern scientists have been conducting experiments that are associated with the pollution of the seas, these experiments were taken as the basis for …

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How to protect yourself from severe old age?

Any person would like as long as you can stay young and healthy, living a full life. It turned out that this can be achieved through systematic light fasting and moderate exercise. These methods help to avoid the development of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The experiment was conducted on laboratory …

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The use of traditional Chinese medicines patent medicine

Chinese medicine – a fusion of modern pharmaceutical researches and traditional ingredients that are used for the production of medicines for millennia. Chinese producers supply the local and international market cosmetics, medicines, and hygiene items. For example, in a specialty store, you can buy the liquid for intimate hygiene, tampons, …

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Scientists call improves women’s health products

Experts have found, what foods can help a woman maintain the health of the pelvic organs. Nutritionist Amy Moriss said how women should eat, if you want to feel healthy, productive, cheerful and energetic. The first thing you should pay attention to omega-3 is oily fish, flax seeds or walnuts. …

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Night wakefulness is dangerous for the psyche

Research staff from the University of Glasgow conducted a five-year experiment that showed that people who are late, may have mental problems. These problems can be of different nature, from depressive disorders to Alzheimer’s disease. The authors decided to study the results of more than 90 000 residents in the …

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Solve the mystery of quality sleep

According to experts, the main enemy of good sleep is artificial lighting. That evolution “invented” so that people should sleep in complete darkness. In ancient times people went to relax at sunset and awoke with the sunrise. However, evolving, mankind discovered electricity, which has its drawbacks, despite the huge number …

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