Tuesday , November 19 2019
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Developed a new vaccine against tuberculosis

Experts have created a new highly effective vaccine for tuberculosis, which can be used by people of all ages. One-time use of a unique vaccine-spray, say the authors, gives lifelong protection from the disease. At the moment the only vaccine against TB is BCG, which can only be used for …

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Experts called dangerous eating habits

The scientists decided to publish a list of food habits that are most harmful to human health. 1. The food at the computer According to experts, people who often eat at the computer, increase the risk of various abnormalities including cancer. The problem lies in the chewing of food — …

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In the USA the first recorded death from vaping

The twenty-third of August, the Department of health of Illinois (United States) made a statement, which indicated the death of a man diagnosed with a mysterious pulmonary illness. How do you think experienced professionals, this deviation could occur because of Smoking electronic cigarettes. Center for control and prevention of diseases …

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Experts revealed 7 strange dependency of a person

In addition to our usual alcohol, nicotine, computer addiction, scientists have identified another 7, which interfere with normal human life. 1. Tattoo Tattoo artist noticed that making one picture, the man soon comes next. Scientific explanation yet such as no. Everything is possible in the physical pain that occurs at …

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How yoga can affect the back?

Many scientists have long talked about the fact that yoga is really not just physical exertion, but a real panacea for many diseases. Scientists decided to conduct an experiment in which they studied the effect of yoga on back condition of the respondents. They decided to see if such classes …

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Computer games can reduce the risk of developing dementia

Scientists from the United States were able to identify that educational games can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. The authors conducted the study for ten years, it involved 2 800 respondents aged more than 65 years. All participants were divided into three groups: they …

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The decision to improve the health of citizens

In early summer, before the authorities of this city strongly raised the issue of providing relaxation and comfort of citizens and tourists. Representatives of the cultural community even put before the “people’s pranyama” the question of the allocation of running tracks in the parks for sunbathers. The case is needed. …

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