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Named the main danger of sunscreen

Названа главная опасность солнцезащитного кремаThe study involved 24 volunteers.

American experts conducted a study and found that the sunscreen is harmful to health. The warning was published by the Office for quality control of food and drug administration (FDA).

The study involved 24 volunteers, whose average age was 35 years. Participants in the week used sunscreen suggested by the experts.

Each volunteer during the study was taken 30 blood tests. According to the study, after four days of use, the subjects greatly increased the concentration of oxybenzone. This substance was discovered in breast milk, urine, blood and amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid).

According to scientists, to draw conclusions about the dangers of sunscreens prematurely. They plan to conduct additional tests to find out whether penetrating the human body ingredients, is unsafe.

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