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No children divorce: parents are coming for a payment of 10 thousand rubles, and fall to the fraudsters

Не детский развод: родители идут за выплатой в 10 тысяч рублей, а попадают к мошенникам

Hackers have created up to 30 sites to get information of Bank accounts of citizens who expect to receive child benefit.

After the statement that the presidential payment in 10 thousand per child can be issued on the website of state Services, the portal does not bear the load not only from the influx of citizens, but also from fraudsters ‘ attacks. Hackers especially hamper the work of gossima, creating a parallel to his mirror. These pseudo-sites already identified about 30.

Why is it done?

Fraud scheme is simple. People, faced with the inability to leave the application on the “portal”, go to fake sites with similar names (hackers specifically attract people with such names as gosuslugi-16, vyplaty, covid-vyplaty, posobie). Citizens register their personal data there. Until the details of their Bank cards and accounts to which I hope to get 10 thousand rubles per child.

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According to the Ministry of communications of Russia, for 40 hours that have passed since the individual pages was sent 3.6 million people claiming benefits for 5 million children.

– This load is a record for the portal of state services for the entire existence. At peak times, the portal processed more than three thousand applications for payment in a minute, – said “KP” Deputy Minister for digital development, communications and mass communications of Russia Oleg Kachanov.

Scammers also offer a more simple registration on the pages of their fake websites with similar names. And sometimes we throw citizens with the state site on their own.

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What to do? How not to fall for the bait swindlers?

Experts advise citizens to check out for fake pages of sites through the service It remains to be seen, on whose name and how long the site has been created.

And no need to hurry — the application for the presidential payment will be available to “public Services” before October 1, 2020.

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