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Non-existent diseases, which are imposed on us doctors

Несуществующие болезни, которые нам навязывают медики

Among the huge diversity of diagnoses, very often there are also such, which in nature simply does not exist. By the way, abroad doctors about our”diagnoses” have never even heard of, and here they are with “success” being treated.

1. Chronic fatigue syndrome

Well, tell me, who among us hasn’t exhausted at work? Of course, then the appetite will disappear, and the mood is low, and the color of the face and not want to remember. And now the card is not ignorant of the diagnosis, and to him a bunch of drugs. And only then it would be necessary: simply relax — on the sea, on the river, just take a walk in the woods or a good sleep.

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2. Lack of vitamins in the offseason

In medical language this is called beriberi. And then you showered advice on taking complex vitamin preparations. This files most often about your food, no one will remember, but in vain. Replenish vitamins the body from food, will be much more useful than pills.

3. Dysbiosis

EO the invention solely ours. In the West, this disease does not exist. If you had a disorder of the intestine, not the dysbacteriosis should be treated, and to seek the reason which caused such a reaction. And treated carelessly to problems with the intestines can not — you can view Oncology.

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4. VSD

Also another mythical disease. This diagnosis is very comfortable. Under it you can write off and bad feeling , and dizziness, and poor sleep. Moreover, against the background of prescription drugs, there will be no result. What to do? To flee from a doctor who puts an unknown diagnosis, and refer to other professionals.

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