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Nord stream freed from EU rules – the operator

Северный поток освободили от правил ЕС - оператор

Russian pipeline gas is exempt from legislation of the European Union for 20 years. The decision does not apply to Nord stream-2.

The Federal network Agency of Germany has decided to withdraw the Nord stream pipeline under the operation of the rules of the EU Gas Directive in the country for 20 years, said on Wednesday, may 20, the company-the operator of project Nord Stream AG.

The corresponding application was filed on 19 December 2019.

“According to the decision of exemption from the operation of these provisions refers to the section of the pipeline on German territory, including the territorial sea, and is valid for an initial period of 20 years, entering into force retrospectively from the date of adoption of the amendments to the energy Act of December 12, 2019”, – stated in the message.

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First string of Nord stream was launched in 2011 and new gas EU legislation came into force in December last year.

It should be noted that the decision does not apply to Nord stream-2, which the German regulator last week refused to withdraw from under the updated requirements of the EU Gas Directive.

According to the updated Directive, the pipelines in the Maritime economic zone of the EU, subject to the provisions of the third energy community, which oblige the operator to reserve up to 50% of the capacity of the gas pipeline for pumping fuel from alternative suppliers.

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