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Nutritionists revealed the truth about sweeteners

Диетологами раскрыта правда о подсластителях

Very often the wish to lose weight try to eat as little sugar as possible, replacing it with different sweeteners. About, so harmless to human body, say the nutritionists.

All are divided into natural sweeteners (fructose, sorbitol, xylitol) and synthetic (aspartame, saccharin, cyclamate). Giving a feeling of sweet products and drinks, they actually provoke the consumption of sweets in large quantities. The fact that the tongue’s sensory receptors send to the brain a signal: a sweet food treat. In fact, the brain never gets and gives the feedback signal is: I want more. Thus a person obliged to consume foods and beverages with sugar substitutes several times more.

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Besides, sweeteners destroy the natural intestinal flora, replacing beneficial bacteria harmful.

You should know that to stir drinks containing aspartame, you should not: increase in temperature destroys it, and this releases methanol, which when converted in the body into formaldehyde, can trigger the development of cancer.

In order to avoid the set of extra pounds, try sweeteners instead still use regular sugar. After all, not sugar is the main cause of problems in the human body, and its quantity!

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