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Officials in Moscow refused to publish information on the income Mikhalkov

Московские чиновники отказались публиковать сведения о доходах Михалкова

The Department of culture the Russian capital has concealed the Declaration of the Director. It is not among the financial statements of heads of the Moscow theatres and cultural institutions.

Information on the income figures of culture last year was published on the website of the relevant Department of the Moscow on may 24. Most well was the artistic Director of the variety Theatre Gennady Khazanov, who earned 78 million rubles, reports “Echo of Moscow”.

While in the summary document there is no information about the income of Nikita Mikhalkov, who works as artistic Director of State theatre of film actor. As reported by the Deputy head of “transparency international – Russia” Ilya Shumanov, in the absence of the Declaration the Director is no violation of the law, but is contrary to the public interest.

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We will remind, according to the Declaration on incomes of Director Nikita Mikhalkov for 2017, he earned 529 million rubles (about 1.5 million per day), which is 2-3 thousand times more daily income of the average pensioner. Also, the Director and a famous fighter for morals owns a network of real estate.

“Mikhalkov also found 89 land, six houses, six apartments, 11 residential buildings, a helicopter and a tractor – reports lenta.ru. Journalists noted that Mikhalkov’s name is found among the founders or co-owners of a dozen companies with a variety of businesses.”


“The profit of the Director consists of the management of dozens of successful businesses, says ura.news. – So, Mikhalkov owns a share in one of the largest diamond cutting factories in Russia OOO “Celebration”, and is also the founder and holder of shares of company “Trite”. In addition, the Director belongs to the forestry LLC “Temino-Forest” renting about 30 thousand hectares of the forest”.

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