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One of the stars of the Big dipper was born in another galaxy

Одна из звезд Большого ковша родилась в другой галактикеThe milky Way collided with a galaxy in the distant past.

According to the researchers, the star appeared in a dwarf galaxy, which in the distant past collided with the Milky Way. After the parent galaxy was destroyed, one of its stars was “thrown” in our cosmic neighborhood.

Scientists have conducted a spectral analysis of the light and found that it contained a few metals, e.g. magnesium, but it has a high to the milky Way by the content of europium. The elements which enter into the composition of stars can tell you where they were born. Stars that were formed close to each other tend to have similar “chemical signatures”. If one of the stars is different, researchers are beginning to look for other places in which it could appear.

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According to scientists, the poor metals stars, like J1124+4535, typical for dwarf galaxies that orbit the milky Way. The researchers emphasize that their analysis is “the most clear chemical signature”, which indicates the collision of our galaxy with a neighbor a few billion years ago.

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