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Owner of killer whales and belugas from the “whale jail” is not going to release them into the wild

Собственник косаток и белух из «китовой тюрьмы» не собирается отпускать их на волю

“The decision I took and are not going to accept”

Owner of killer whales and belugas from the “whale jail” is not going to release them into the wild

The company “Afalina” is one of four companies-allowsyou containing orcas and Beluga whales in the “whale jail” in Primorye, does not intend to return the animals in the ocean, despite the decision of the international and Russian scientists and authorities, reports “Interfax”.

At the hearing of the claim of animal rights activists in the city court of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Director of “Bottlenose dolphins” Alexei rechetov said that the question of the release animals into the wild can be delivered only after the company will be deprived of the right of ownership. “What kind of issue is it? This (orcas and belugas — if) my property. The decision on the issue, I have not accepted and are not going to accept. All reckless statements about a possible release remain on the conscience of those making statements,” said Reshetov.

He also said that no decisions about how to release the caged animals was not taken, and the media distort information.

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According to Reshetova, in the Bay now 10 of 87 whales and Beluga whales. “All animals live a healthy, well-nourished, eating fine, happy people. A Council was held, all told, we maintain them just fine, that everything was just in shock how we managed to do it. There is a small questions: I need somewhere to increase the space for the animals, there is a recommendation”, he said.

The story of the “whale jail” began to develop last year. In the sea of Okhotsk caught 12 of 90 orcas and Beluga whales, and put them in cages Bay the Average in the town of Nakhodka in the Primorye territory. After the intervention of the public, active actions of the Prosecutor General and the Investigative Committee found that animals caught with numerous violations of the law is planned to sell abroad in Chinese aquariums. Later it was also found that in the “prison” contains six little morgat.

On this fact was instituted two criminal cases under part 3 of article 256 of the criminal code (“Illegal production of water biological resources”) and article 245 of the criminal code (“cruelty to animals”). They investigate the management SKR across Khabarovsk territory. In addition, the boundary management of FSB of Russia for the Primorye territory on 25 February 2019 prosecuted on administrative offenses under article about violation of the rules of detention.

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In early April this year, the Primorye territory Governor Oleg Kozhemyako said that all animals that are kept at Bay, will be released into the wild. The agreement was signed by Russian scientists, who arrived to Find the group of experts oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau. At the end of April the Minister of natural resources and ecology Dmitry Kobylkin has suggested to release orcas from the “whale jail” until the beginning of July. Kobylkin said that into the wild will be released the whale, whose health will not raise the suspicions of scientists, he also did not rule out the possibility that some animals may be transferred to the aquarium.

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